Is Jeffrey Burrill Gay? Wikipedia And Bio Details- Why Did The Top US Catholic Official Resign?

Is Jeffrey Burrill Gay? Wikipedia And Bio Details- Why Did The Top US Catholic Official Resign?

A top US catholic official Jeffrey Burrill has resigned from his post after a reputed Catholic media news posted about his possible serial sexual misconduct.

Jeffrey Burrill is a former Catholic priest. To be precise, he is an ex-general secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Burrill served as the pastor for several parishes in Wisconsin. He also worked at Pontifical North American College in Rome for 4 years.

Is Jeffrey Burrill Gay? Who Is His Partner?

As per The Pillar, Jeffrey Burrill used the gay app and physically visited gay bars too. 

His partner’s name and identity are not available on any online sites. But he has resigned from his position over the controversy.

Burrill is an ex-Catholic priest. And in catholic teaching, homosexual relations are forbidden. Likewise, same-sex marriage and relations are considered ‘intrinsically disordered’.

Jeffrey Burrill Wikipedia Bio

Jeffrey Burrill does not yet have a Wikipedia bio.

However, he is in the spotlight for the resignation and possible sexual misconduct. He was found using gay apps and visiting gay bars.

After a catholic media site exposed his online traces, Jeffrey called quit from his post. He was serving as the general secretary of USCCB until then.

Burrill has worked extensively in the churches. Previously, he was a pastor at Wisconsin perishes. And before that, he was hired by Pontifical North American College.

Looking at his pictures, Jeffrey appears to be in the age range of 45-55 years.

USCCB Jeffrey Burrill: Why Did The Top US Catholic Official Resign?

Jeffrey Burrill resigned after he was accused of serial sexual misconduct by an online news site, ‘The Pillar’.

As per the article, his app data analytics showed that he was involved in same-sex relations. He used a gay hookup app, Grindr on a regular basis.

The app is mostly used to locate nearby gay partners, chat with them, send pictures and meet for hookups. 

Burrill’s app data signals show that he visited gay bars and private residences for a hookup. Moreover, he also went to a gay bathhouse in 2018.

After the news circulated, Jeffrey did not try to clarify them. Rather he opted for resignation without clearing the air about his sexuality.

Jeffrey Burrill And Biden Controversy

Jeffrey Burrill denied Joe Biden’s communion to support women’s rights.

Communion is the way of sharing intimate thoughts on a spiritual level.

Burrill rejected the idea of the communion of abortion. As per the Catholic religion, abortion is a sin. 

Since having same-sex relations is also not acceptable in catholic, people are naming him Jeffrey hypocrite.