Is Jonny Harris Sick? What Happened To The “Still Standing” CBC Host?

Is Jonny Harris Sick? What Happened To The “Still Standing” CBC Host?

Jonny Harris is a professional actor who is reported to be sick. Here’s everything about the health of the Still Standing CBC host. Is he leaving Murdoch Mysteries? 

Jonathan Harris, better known as Jonny Harris, is a Canadian actor and comedian from Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.

He is well-known for his performances in the television shows Matching and Dispatchings, Still Standing, and Hatching.

Murdoch Mysteries, and Young Triffid, as well as the films Young Triffid, Moving Day, and Grown Up Movie Star, are some of the best-known series of Jonny Harris. 

Is Jonny Harris Sick? What Happened To The “Still Standing” CBC Host?

No, as of now, there are no reports to suggest that Jonny Harris might be sick or unwell. 

Although the rumors seem to be from strong sources, it seems to be misguided.

There are no reports to say that Jonny Harris is sick or suffering from any kind of illness that could make him unwell. 

The Still Standing Host has been working all along the day with no leave and is still seen in the show many times. 

So this proves that he is a healthy man who is very well in terms of his health. 

Has Jonny Harris Left Murdoch Mysteries?

No, as of now, Jonny Harris has not left his one of the best series Murdoch Mysteries, as he is the lead cast of the show. 

Harris was cast as Constable George Crabtree in “Murdoch Mysteries” in 2008, and it was one of his most memorable appearances.

The series starred him with Yannick Bisson, who played William Murdoch, a police investigator working in Toronto at the start of the twentieth century.

It is based on Maureen Jennings’ “Detective Murdoch” books.

He’s been with the show from its start and has received two Gemini Award nominations for his performance.

Despite Jonny getting into the other projects, the directors of the show allowed him to be a part of Murdoch Mysteries. 

He continues as the cast member of the Murdoch Mysteries series, and might always be a part of it. 

Who Is Jonny Harris Wife? 

Jonny Harris is presently engaged to Kaitlin Kozell, his girlfriend/future wife.

They’ve been together for more than four years. The pair has, nevertheless, kept a discreet existence.

That was till November 9th, 2017. Harris shared a selfie of himself with his girlfriend.

The photo sparked speculation among admirers that the comedian was not only dating but also engaged to his lovely girlfriend.

Kaitlin was wearing her engagement ring in the photo. Harris delivered the anniversary message to Kaitlin a year later.

The message suggested that the pair had secretly married.

They have not, however, stated their position on the matter unequivocally. We are unable to confirm or refute the accusations.

Jonny Harris Mother And Father Details

Peter Harris and Joanne Harris are the parents of Jonny Harris.

His father, a theologian, and philosopher died in June 2018. In his eulogy for his father, Harris characterized him as “a British professor who never seemed uppity or snobbish — everyone adored the guy.”

Sure, he stuck out a little at Pouch Cove, but the worst thing I ever heard any of my classmates say about him was that he was “really grand.”

He has a brother named Chris and a sister-in-law named Corinne.

About Author: Bishal Acharya

Last Modified: January 20, 2022

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