Is Lana Wachowski Racist? Everything To Know About The Trans Director Know For “Matrix Resurrections”

Is Lana Wachowski Racist? Everything To Know About The Trans Director Know For “Matrix Resurrections”

After the release of her recent film, Lana is facing some racist claims. The rumors about her being a racist are slowly spreading over the net. Learn all about it.

Lana Wachowski is a film and television director, writer, and producer from the United States.

The Wachowskis and her sister Lily have worked as a writing and directorial partnership for most of their careers.

The sisters made their directorial debut with Bound in 1996. They rose to prominence with their second picture, The Matrix (1999), a massive box office blockbuster for which they received the Saturn Award for Best Director. 

Is Lana Wachowski Racist?

Lana Wachowski isn’t racist. It is quite unusual to hear Lana in the same sentence as racist.

Lana has never been associated with being a racist, and she has never been blamed for being a racist by anyone till now.

The rumors have started generated after the release of her recent film Matrix: Resurrections.

However, with the advent of the fourth film, The Matrix Revolutions, 18 years after the last one, comes an avalanche of negative reviews from reviewers, even though many fans continue to support the picture directed by Lana Wachowski.

Trans Director Original Name Explored

Lana Wachowski transitioned to being a female from a male and changing her name from Larry Wachowski.

Rumors that Lana Wachowski was transitioning circulated in the early 2000s; however, neither sister addressed the issue explicitly at the time. Gothamist reported about the probable change in 2003.

In a 2007 interview, Joel Silver, the producer of several Wachowski films, stated that the reports about the transfer were “all false,” explaining that “they just don’t give interviews, so people make stuff up.”

Lana openly acknowledged her transition following the release of Speed Racer in 2008, and by December 2010, trade journals and media referred to her as “Lana Wachowski.”

Lana Wachowski Before And After Surgery Photos

 Lana is the first prominent Hollywood filmmaker to come out as transgender.

Lana mentioned an instance in third grade at Catholic School when she was afraid to enter the boys’ line and automatically accepted herself as belonging to the girls’ in a September 2012 interview with Aleksandar Hemon of The New Yorker.

Lana Wachowski received the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award in October 2012. In her acceptance speech, she confessed that she had pondered suicide in her teens due to feelings of doubt about her gender identity.

Although she and Lilly had not publicly remarked on her transitioning during the preceding decade, she subsequently claimed that this was not due to embarrassment, nor had she kept it a secret from her family and friends.

Rather, she stated, the two are often wary of the press media and want to remain private.

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