Is Lukas Gage Gay Or In A Relationship With A Girlfriend? “The White Lotus” Actor Dating Life Explored

Is Lukas Gage Gay Or In A Relationship With A Girlfriend? “The White Lotus” Actor Dating Life Explored

Lukas Gage has had gay roles as an actor, and he does them justice which has inspired fans to ask whether he is gay or just an outstanding actor. 

Lukas Gage has confused his fans with his dialogues and body language. When the episode of  Watch What Happens Live featuring guests Heather Gay and Lukas Gage was released yesterday, fans have started labeling him as Gay.

Fans have been cringing at Andy, saying the foreplay was hard to watch. The questions from Andy have been described as “predatory,” and they feel he is coming onto Lukas.

It’s hard to know his sexual orientation. However, he has dated girls. He has given award-worthy performances as a gay character in shows. 

Confused, a random fan commented on his photo from July, “Are you straight or gay or bi?” 

Is Lukas Gage Gay Or In A Relationship With A Girlfriend?

Lukas Gage has been thought of as Gay after his episode in Watch What Happens Live went up on January 17. As stated by fans, the sexual tension between Andy and Lukas is palpable. 

Lukas has also played gay characters in movies and shows. Though he caught the public’s eye in 2015 after he appeared in ‘Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, he has since appeared in shows such as ‘American Vandal’ and ‘Euphoria.’

He has recently come out with his new comedy-drama series, ‘The White Lotus’, which was released on July 11 of 2021. 

Aside from these roles, which have helped him stand out in his career, his other fantastic and larger-than-life roles include the part of a gay character in ‘Love, Victor, and Midnight Kisses.’

He played a gay person in the television series ‘Into the Dark,’ which he appeared in 2019. The show includes some steamy scenes of Gage with his co-star, which he pulls off spectacularly.

Gage was recently rumored to be dating his ‘Euphoria’ co-star Maude Apatow after they began posting pictures with each other quite frequently.

Is Lukas Gage Dating Claudia Sulewski?

Lukas Gage may have dated Claudia Sulewski in 2016. However, they are not together anymore. It’s not known whether it was just a prank, a fling, or a joke, but if they dated, they dated for less than two years. 

Claudia Sulewski has been romantically entangled with Finneas O’Connell since 2018. The YouTube star turned actress has been dating the 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and record producer for more than three years. 

Finneas is also an actor. The musician admitted that his 2019 single Claudia was about his girlfriend when he met her. As a lifestyle and beauty YouTuber, Claudia frequently features her boyfriend on her channel.

Claudia and Finneas met on a dating app more than four years ago and have been together since. 

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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