Is Mark Milley A Traitor? General Milley Treason Accusations And Resignation

Is Mark Milley A Traitor? General Milley Treason Accusations And Resignation

Is General Mark Milley a Traitor? Some have labeled him as a traitor after he secretly contacted China in order to stop Trump from making any chaos or attack.

Mark Milley is a top-tiered US Army General.

The top general’s position is in problem after he was recently accused of performing a treasonous and non-patriotic activity. 

Is Mark Milley A Traitor? General Milley Treason Accusations

Mark Milley is a traitor as stated by some people. 

Some are also demanding to dismiss him or else make him resign from the post as he broke the chain of command.

Amid his treason accusations, General Milley has pulled himself into negative matters, that somehow hampered and tarnished the reputation that he built for years in just a day.

For fear that former president Donald was going to start a war, Milley secretly contacted China and told the secret of the US army and personnel in advance.

Who Is Mark Milley Wife And Daughter?

As found online, Mark Milley’s wife is named Hollyanne Milley, with whom he has been married for over 30 years.

His wife is a cardiac nurse and the Milley couple share two children together as per Defense. Mark named his daughter Mary and his son Peter Milley.

Both Mark and his wife firmly believe in the ‘family first’ matter and have always considered the betterment of their kids. 

Did Mark Milley Resign?

There are few people asking Mark Milley to lose his job and submit resignation over alleged calls made to China in China amid concerns about ex-President Donald Trump and advance disclosure of the US army force.

There are also some people saying to dismiss General Milley. If not,  with Mark’s leadership and guidance, America’s national security and ability in the world are at stake.

As per The USA Today, Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla also deemed Mark’s move as a reckless one and requested current USA president Joe Biden to have Milley fired.

While some made unfavorable comments about his and his initiative, other remainings have, somewhat, a good impression of him and that includes the current president Joe himself.

According to the White House’s secretary Jen Psaki to the press, Biden deems Milley as a patriot and the eight both have worked together, the president has no negative comments for him and also maintains good relations with him. 

Psaki also told that president Biden has full confidence in Mark’s patriotism and leadership to the nation and constitution.