Is Matt Goss Gay Or Married To A Wife? Sexuality Rumors And Partner Details About The Singer

Is Matt Goss Gay Or Married To A Wife? Sexuality Rumors And Partner Details About The Singer

Matt Goss’s gay rumors are being spread online like wildfire, but the rumors and hoaxes about his sexuality could not be further from the truth as the singer is a straight male and does not identify himself as gay or bisexual. 

Matt Goss aka Matthew Weston Goss is an English singer-songwriter and musician but he is currently based in the United States of America. He is best known for being a member of the pop band Bros, which was famous in the 1980s according to his Wikipedia profile. 

He is also the writer of the theme song for the popular dancing reality show So You Think You Can Dance. Apart from his singing and songwriting career, he is also a published author of the book titled, More Than You Know: The Autobiography. His second book Bear Crimbo is awaiting its release in 2021. 

Let us learn more about Matt Goss’s gay rumors and explore his sexuality and partners. 

Is Matt Goss Gay? Sexuality Rumors

Matt Goss is not gay despite the abundance of rumors available on the web. 

He has not revealed anything about being gay or bisexual on the internet or to his fans and followers as of now. 

In fact, the musician is a straight male and has just been the topic of discussion and hoaxes on the web. 

Everyone must be aware and do their research before spreading the rumors about someone’s sexuality and people have their own life and can live as they please. 

For the time being, we can be sure all the rumors of Goss being gay are false and he has just been a victim of false rumors. 

Is Matt Goss Married To A Wife? Partners Explored

Matt Goss is not married as of now and does not have a wife in his life yet. 

However, the singer has had several relationships in the past including high-profile relationships. 

During the time his career started, Matt was in a relationship with a woman named Kadamba Simmons. He was 18 years old at that time. However, the couple separated following their breakup. 

Later, Goss was also romantically linked to another woman named Melanie Sykes. The couple stayed together from 1992 to 1997 and parted their ways according to Wiki

When Matt got engaged to Daisy Fuentes, an American television host back in the year 2001, his fans believed their long wait to see Goss’s married life will end soon but the singer never married his fiance. 

As of now, Matt seems to be single and has not revealed anything about his relationship or girlfriend yet. 

Has Matt Goss Done Hair Transplant?

Matt Goss has not spoken anything about getting a hair transplant. 

However, the singer’s hair looked voluminous when he attended a Television show as a guest making fans curious. 

Upon closer inspection, we can see Goss’s forehead seems larger, and has sparse hair on the top side of his hair. This might be an indication of him not performing a hair transplant yet. 

As of now, Goss’s fans are still speculating about the transplant and things will get clear once the singer speaks about getting a hair transplant himself. 


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