Is Michael Keaton Related To Diane Keaton? Wife Or Girlfriend 2021 -Everything To Know

Is Michael Keaton Related To Diane Keaton? Wife Or Girlfriend 2021 -Everything To Know

Michael Keaton and Diane Keaton are not related to each other even though they share the same last name on stage.

Michael John Douglas aka Michael Keaton is an American actor best known for playing the role of Bruce Wayne or Batman in the film series.

Besides his performance as Batman in several DC movies, Keaton has also played in various TV series such as Dopesick, Buccane and Bones and so on.

Throughout his career, Michael has played some incredible roles and has gained massive popularity down the years.

However, it is not only his acting roles that get him the spotlight. Michael has also been linked several times for any relationship with the fellow actress Diane Keaton.

And now it seems that the talk has again resurfaced as Keaton is set to return as Batman in the coming Flash movie.

No. Michael Keaton is nowhere near related to Diane Keaton despite sharing the same last name on stage.

On top of that, Keaton is not even the actual or birth surnames of both the actress.

Michael’s actual name is Michael John Douglas as mentioned earlier whereas the actual name of Diane is Diane Hall.

Both of them seem to have opted for Keaton as their last name by themselves rather than belonging to any of their given names.

Digging further, The National News reports that Michael chose to put Keaton as his late name to differentiate himself from the better-known actor Michael Douglas.

Eventually, he read an article about Diane Keaton and liked the sound of Michael Keaton. So, he changed it.

On the other hand, Diane had already added the last name Keaton prior to Michael after she liked the sound of it. Keaton is her mother’s maiden name.

Hence, it is quite clear that Michael Keaton and Diane Keaton are not related to each other.

Michael Keaton Wife Or Girlfriend 2021

Known for playing Batman, Michael Keaton does have a girlfriend in 2021 although the actor has maintained tight-lipped about her identity.

Michael in recent times during the COVID restrictions and later has been seen with a lady with seemingly short mixed blonde and black hair.

DailyMail has also reported the couple being seen together several times doing grocery shopping and other things.

However, Keaton has not specifically revealed the name and other details of the woman he is dating.

Prior to his current girlfriend, Keaton was married once to his then-wife Caroline McWilliams for 8 years from 1982. They also have a son named Sean.

After his divorce, Michael dated the actress Courtney Cox from 1989 to 1995 and was rumoured to be together with Audra Lynn in 2003 as per Otaku Kart.

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