Is Rapper Vic Mensa Gay? Everything On His Partner And Arrest Charges

Is Rapper Vic Mensa Gay? Everything On His Partner And Arrest Charges

No, Rapper Vic Mensa is not gay but he is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. But fans always suspect him of being gay based on his fashion preferences.

Rapping sensation Vic Mensa initially gained traction as a member of the Hip Hop collective Kids These Days. After the group disbanded in 2013, he found success as a solo act with the release of his critically-acclaimed mixtape innanetape.

In 2018, Rapper Mensa opened up about his struggles with mental health and drug addiction on the new song 10K Problems.

Vic and Chance have been at the stand front of where hip-hop has been going and have made sure that they put on for their city. 

Is Rapper Vic Mensa Gay? 

With his usage of nail polish, eyeliner, and leather heavy outfits this Chicago rapper Vic Mensa is more punk than Hip Hop. In other words, he doesn’t meet the standard of a prototypical male rapper.

Breaking all the traditional mold of a masculine rapper is perhaps he is the most likable attribute. Whether it’s through adhering to pro-LGBTQ ideologies or by embracing feminine aspects of everyday life, he doesn’t seem to fear the backlash.

There is no way connection of him being gay he just supports the LGBTQ community.

Meet Vic Mensa Partner

Vic Mensa is one of the secretive rappers but in the year 2016 his song There’s a lot going on, the Roc Nation signee ruminated on his toxic relationship with a then-longtime girlfriend.

After looking at his Instagram post there is one post where his girlfriend kissed him on his cheeks but he did not reveal her name. Most probably he must be dating that woman.

Vic Mensa Shrooms Arrest Charges

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa was arrested at Dulles Airport outside Washington D.C. for alleged possession of illegal drugs as police said on Monday.

According to authorities, he landed at Dulles on a flight from Ghana at about 7 a.m. Saturday. During a second baggage examination, customers and border protection officers said they found a cache of drugs in his luggage.

The police officers also revealed that CBP agents found 41 grams of liquid LSD, about 124 grams of psilocybin capsules, 178 grams of psilocybin gummies, and six grams of psilocybin mushrooms in his luggage.

For that, he has been charged felony narcotics possession charges and was taken into custody by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority. 

Vic Mensa Net Worth: How Rich He Is?

Being a renowned personality from Hollywood his wealth is earned largely through a successful career in the music industry.  From his music career, he has $2 million of net worth.

There is no such information about his total assets but he also earned from sponsorship and other adverstisement.

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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Is Rapper Vic Mensa Gay? Everything On His Partner And Arrest Charges

No, Rapper Vic Mensa is not gay but he is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. But fans always...

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