Is Rockmond Dunbar aka Michael Grant Leaving 911? Here’s What Happens To The Actor In The Show

Is Rockmond Dunbar aka Michael Grant Leaving 911? Here’s What Happens To The Actor In The Show

Is Rockmond Dunbar aka Michael Grant Leaving 911? Here is everything you need to know about the 9-1-1 actor who is rumored to leave the show. 

Rockmond Dunbar is an American professional actor and media personality who is widely recognized for his amazing acting and skills. 

Mostly popular for his roles as Kenny Chadway on Showtime family drama Soul Food, Baines on the NBC series Earth 2, Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin on the Fox crime drama Prison Break, he has gained a decent reputation. 

Apart from all these famous roles, Raockmund has other renowned roles too, for which, he has gained a lot of popularity and appreciation. 

Talking specifically, his most recent role in the Fox drama series 9-1-1 has made him even more popular, and people are concerned regarding matters relating to this show. 

Indeed, concerns regarding him possibly leaving the show, his sexuality, wife, net worth, and related matters are rising all over the web right now. 

Is Rockmond Dunbar aka Michael Grant Leaving 911?

A short answer to this question is probably Yes, but there is more explanation to this. 

He or any of the 9-1-1 team have yet not mentioned anything about him leaving the show and people not getting to see his character Michael Grant ever again. 

However, for people who have watched hours of drama and TV, it seems obvious what some things lead to. 

Meaning, with everything that happened recently in the show, and Rockomond’s character Michael and David moving toward a different way in life, they are probably ending the service in the team. 

Considering all this, it looks like there is not a very possible way of bringing their character back to the show without some substantial changes, which made people believe that Rockmond is finally leaving. 

Also, apart from our own interpretation and looking into public opinion and views, many have claimed that he is leaving. 

Is Rockmond Dunbar Gay? Meet His Wife

No, Rockmond Dunbar is not gay, and he has made a clear statement about this, saying that he is a heterosexual man and he likes women. 

Also, considering the fact that he is a married man, married twice actually, both times with a woman, he is not gay. 

However, we do understand why people might ask this question because his famous character on the show 9-1-1, Michael Grant is openly gay. 

Talking about his wife, he was first married to his wife Ivy Holmes for just 3 years, after which they split. 

Later, he married his lover and actress, Maya Gilbert, in the year 2013 and they are together ever since. 

Rockmond is a father of 4 now, and he frequently posts about them on his social media handles like Instagram. 

Rockmond Dunbar Net Worth Revealed: How Rich Is He?

The estimated net worth of American actor Rockmond Dunbar is about $2 million. 

As a famous personality who ahs had many roles in multiple renowned TV works, it seems obvious that he is worth over 2 million dollars. 

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