Is Ronan Farrow Adopted? Who Is His Biological Father?

Is Ronan Farrow Adopted? Who Is His Biological Father?

Is Ronan Farrow Adopted? American journalist Ronan Farrow is rumored to be adopted, and his biological father, Woody Allen, has kept his lips tight.

Ronan Farrow is known to be an American journalist.

He is an investigative reporter and is known to be the writer for the magazine named ‘The New Yorker.’

Further, Farrow is an award-winning journalist currently exposed in the filmmaking world as he is the producer of the HBO documentary series ‘Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes.’

Ronan received a Pulitzer Prize for public service for his reporting on the sexual assault allegations against the movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old journalist has also exposed the allegations against several figures, including Eric Schneiderman, Les Moonves, and Brett Kavanaugh.

His previous work includes being a reporter for Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post.

Likewise, he also collects experience working as an anchor and investigative reporter at MSNBC and NBC News.

Following the astounding career at his young age, Farrow’s parental information is still a mystery to many.

Is Ronan Farrow Adopted? -Meet His Biological Father

No, Ronan Farrow is not adopted.

He was born to actress Mia Farrow and director Woody Allen.

Born in the filmy world, his biological parents are legends in the business, with both being awarded by the Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, the speculation about him being adopted has surfaced after the two names are assumed to be his biological father.

One of them being Woody Allen and the other being late singer/songwriter Frank Sinatra.

His mother, Mia Farrow, had a 16-month marital affair with Frank Sinatra before signing up for divorce in 1968.

And Mia was in a relationship with Woody Allen from 1980-1992.

Farrow and Allen’s affair came to an end after the massive scandal surrounded Woody Allen, where he was revealed to have a sexual relationship with his step-daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

Soon-Yi was adopted by Mia and her ex-husband Andre Previn.

Likewise, 1987 born Ronan was rumored to be Sinatra’s son as his mother Farrow had an exquisite relationship with the singer till the time of his last breath.

Further, Mia had revealed that Sinatra can be Ronan’s father in a 2013 interview as well.

In addition, Farrow has the same bright blue eyes as his mother.

Is Ronan Farrow Gay? His Partner Revealed

Yes, Ronan Farrow is gay, and he revealed his status to the public in 2018.

The Ph.D. holder Farrow was known to be in a relationship with Jon Lovett since 2011.

Lovett is a former writer of the presidential speech and a podcast host.

The couple shared the ring in 2019.

What Is Ronan Farrow Net Worth?

Ronan Farrow has a collective net worth of $12 million.

Being an active journalist, lawyer, author, and former government advisor, Farrow is believed to earn a handsome fortune in his name.

To add up his assets, he and Lovett bought a $1.87 million mansion in Los Angeles.