Is Rowan Atkinson Still Alive In 2021 Or Did He Die? Death Hoax And Car Crash Details

Is Rowan Atkinson Still Alive In 2021 Or Did He Die? Death Hoax And Car Crash Details

Is Rowan Atkinson still alive in 2021? To the curious readers, yes, the iconic “Mr. Bean” is still alive and thriving well in his sixties. 

Rowan Atkinson, otherwise known as Mr. Bean, is a British actor, comedian, and writer. 

He is popularly known for his critically acclaimed performance of “Mr. Bean” in the sitcom of the same name. 

Mr. Atkinson had once described the character as a child in a grown man’s body. 

However, Mr. Bean was not the character that first brought him to imminent fame.

Atkinson first rose to prominence for the comedy show, Not the Nine O’Clock News that won him the 1981 BAFTA for Best Entertainment Performance. 

Is Rowan Atkinson Still Alive In 2021 Or Did He Die?

Debunking all the speculations, we inform you that the legendary comedian, Rowan Atkinson, is very much alive in 2021. 

He is currently living a content life with his partner Louise Ford and their children.

His partner, Louise Ford is a British comedian and actress and the pair first met in 2013. Further, she gave birth to Atkinson’s third child in 2017. 

Atkinson has two other children from his previous relationship with Sunetra Sastry. The former couple wed in 1990 and divorced in 2015. 

As of now, Atkinson and Ford divide their time between Ipsden, Oxfordshire, and Notting Hill and Highbury in London. 

Rowan Atkinson Death Hoax & Car Crash

In 2018, Rowan Atkinson became a part of a viral death hoax where the actor was rumored to have died in a car crash. 

However, it was later disclosed that the hoax was an act to gain access to the user’s credit card number. 

The hoax was a video tribute to Atkinson from Fox News. Any users who clicked the link received a warning message that their computers had been locked as it was infected with a virus.

Then, it would provide a support number and anyone who called on the number was asked to provide their credit card information in order to purchase a falsified software fix. 

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