Is Ruby Bhogal Planning To Get Married To Rumored Boyfriend Antony Amourdoux?

Is Ruby Bhogal Planning To Get Married To Rumored Boyfriend Antony Amourdoux?

Former Great British Bake Off star Ruby Bhogal does not have a husband and she does not have plans on getting married anytime soon

Ruby Bhogal, the Great British Bake Off star is living her life to the fullest.

The finalist of the 9th season of the 2018 show, Bhogal is busy pursuing her career as a baker and travelling around the world.

She became a sensation in the cooking world after her appearance on the British baking show. After becoming the finalist of the show, she has now established herself to be a celebrity chef.

Bhogal appears on Channel 4’s show Steph’s packed Lunch. Further, she is also known to be a project manager.

Now, the professional and celebrated baker is believed to be in a relationship with Antony Amourdoux as both of them are seen clicking photos and sharing their moments on Instagram.

Fans have been wondering if the finalist of 2018 Great British Bake Off is in a relationship with her rumored boyfriend or is she married to him. Here is all we know.

Ruby Bhogal Husband: Is She Married?

Ruby Bhogal is not married.

She has not provided any information to the media about her husband.

Further, her social media account also suggests that she is yet to be a wife.

When asked about the status of her marriage details and plans, Bhogal has decided to keep her lips tight so she is not expected to get married anytime soon.

Now, with her being secretive about the plans on her future husband fans are still wondering about her relationship with Antony Amourdoux.

Is he Bhogal’s boyfriend? Let’s find out in our next topic.

Is Ruby Bhogal Getting Married To Rumored Boyfriend Antony Amourdoux?

No, Ruby Bhogal is not getting married to Antony Amourdoux.

Antony Amourdoux, who was also a participant in the 2018 Great Britain Bake Off is a best friend of Steph’s Packed Lunch, Baker Ruby.

Both of them are extremely close since they met on the reality show. The baking experts often flaunt their pictures on the picture-sharing platform which had made fans wonder if they are actually a couple.

However, Ruby had decided to make everything clear to the fans on the birthday of Amourdoux stating she is not dating her friend Antony.

Antony, who is a professional baker as well as banker currently, resides in France.

Ruby Bhogal Relationship History

Ruby Bhogal has kept her relationship details away from the media and public sites.

She has not been linked with anyone to date besides her best friend Antony Amourdoux.

However, she became a headliner when she clicked the photos with boxing champion Anthony Joshua in 2018.

Bhogal made it clear that she wanted to marry the boxer. But the rumored approach never saw a light and did not turn into a serious relationship.

She could be open to dating as she is not known to have a boyfriend.

Ruby Bhogal Age: How Old Is She?

Ruby Bhogal is 32 years old.

She was born in 1988, and she will be celebrating her 33rd birthday on the 9th of October.