Is Ryan Bridge Married? Everything To Know About The NZ Broadcaster

Is Ryan Bridge Married? Everything To Know About The NZ Broadcaster

Ryan Bridge is a broadcaster for the AM Show, New Zealand, who is not married yet but has a long-term partner.

The 33-year-old reporter Ryan Bridge made headlines when he grilled PM Jacinda Arden regarding the new Lockdown laws. 

Most of the world has opened up to business since the devastating pandemic, but not New Zealand. The country remained extra cautious, shutting down over a single case. 

As people grew restless, it was the job of reporters to educate the public.

Is Broadcaster Ryan Bridge Married? Who Is His Partner? 

Ryan Bridge is in a committed relationship with his partner of four years. Bridge has made it a point to keep the identity of his partner a secret. 

Although there is speculation on the internet on who he might be, we can not be sure who he is. As far as we know, the two men are happily in love and live together. 

One incident is the time when Bridge was pulled over by police and asked to show his identity. The only problem was that the BMW he was driving was his partner’s. He had to pull out his celebrity status to get out of the situation.

Is Ryan Bridge Gay? How Was His Sexuality Revealed?

Not a single viewer knew about the sexuality of broadcaster Ryan Bridge. Although they had their speculations, no one came out to speak about it. Things changed when his co-anchor, Mark Richardson accidentally, outed the gay man. 

In October of 2019, the group was talking about collector’s items. Ryan was asked if he collected anything, to which Richardson replied’ ex-boyfriend”. After a moment of silence, Bridge admitted to being gay. 

Since the broadcast was on live telly, there was no way to take back what was said. 

Ryan later said that his sexuality was not a secret. Expect the viewers, everyone knew about it. 

But his AM show co-host still felt bad and penned a heartfelt apology about the incident.

Ryan Bridge Wikipedia: How Old Is He?

Ryan Bridge is 33 years old as of July of 2021. He was born and raised with his sibling, Pete Bridge. Pete is happily married with two kids. He is the son of New Zealander parents who are still happily married.

He is incredibly close with his niece and nephew and can be seen spending quality time with them. 

The journalist has been working in the scene for ten years.

Ryan Bridge Net Worth Explored: What Is His Job?

The net worth of Ryan Bridge is yet to be estimated.

The current job of Ryan Bridge is a stand-in presenter for The AM Show and host of The Ryan Bridge Show on Magic Talk. Previously he worked as a Newshub TV reporter and RadioLIVE political reporter.

Formerly, he was known for his work on climate change from Antarctica, trade deals from Colombia, and human rights from Myanmar.