Is Sonya Curry White? Everything On Her Ethnicity And Parents

Is Sonya Curry White? Everything On Her Ethnicity And Parents

 Is Sonya Curry White? Explore more about the ethnicity and race of the renowned family member of popular basketball players. 

Sonya Curry is an American educator who is widely famous for being the mother of renowned American basketball stars Stephen Curry and Seth Curry. 

Sonya is currently the president of the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman. She founded the school herself about two and a half-decade ago. 

Indeed, she even taught her children in that school, meaning Stephen curry and the curry were students of Christian Montessori School, in North Carolina. 

Recently, Sonya is all over the media and web after she and her husband, Dell Curry, announced their divorce after 33 years of marriage. 

After this announcement, people are eager to find out more about Sonia, Dell, and what led to their separation. 

Indeed, concern regarding the ethnicity and race of Sonia, her parents, the cause of her divorce, and related matters are rising rapidly. 

Is Sonya Curry White? Her Ethnicity Explored

Sonya Current has never claimed that she is white because she is probably not of white ethnicity. 

Well, she does talk about racism and all but she never mentions what race she really is. 

What we know regarding this matter is that she was born and raised in an African-American community. 

Born as Sonya Alicia Adams, she had a hard time growing up because she was a constant victim of racism and could not even go anywhere alone. 

Hence, it does seem like she was not white, taking into consideration that she was a victim of racism. 

Who Are Sonya Curry Parents?

Sonya Curry was born to her parents Cleive and Candy Adams on May 30, 1966, in Radford, Virginia, U.S.

Her parents were very poor and were living in a bad community when it came to people and behavior. 

Indeed, they had a difficult time getting out of the house without a purpose because of the drastic racism going on in that area. 

Well, they lived in a trailer home in a city that previously had over 100 slaves, which made things even difficult for Sonya’s parents. 

Sonya Curry Announces Divorce With Husband Dell Curry

Sonya Curry and Dell Curry said to People that after they explored a trial separation in the past year, they have decided to end their marriage. 

They said that they did have a very thoughtful consideration and decided what was best for both of them, leading to their split after 33 years of marriage. 

Sonya and Dell first met each other at Virginia Tech University and they eventually got married in the year 1983. 

In these years of their marriage, they gave birth to 3 children, Stephen Curry, Seth Curry, and Sydel Curry. 

However, now they are separated and they still thanked people for the wonderful blessings they have given to both of them and supported their decision of divorce. 

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