Is Xisca Perello Pregnant? Rafael Nadal Wife Maria Francisca And Baby Details

Is Xisca Perello Pregnant? Rafael Nadal Wife Maria Francisca And Baby Details

Rafael Nadal does not have children, but he has said that he loves the prospect of being a father, and he recently announced that his partner, Xisca Perello is not pregnant but wanted to have kids.

Xisca Perello is a business graduate and insurance officer.

She is the project director for the Rafa Nadal Foundation, a charity that Nadal established nearly ten years ago.

Despite knowing each other for several years prior, the couple reportedly began dating in 2005.

Quick Facts:
Name Xisca Perello
Birthday 7 July.
Age 33
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Nationality Spanish
Profession insurance officer.
Parents Bernat Perelló, María Pascual
Net Worth 500k
Salary 39k to 109k
Married/Single Married
Husband Rafael Nadal
Education University of the Balearic Islands

 Is Xisca Perello Pregnant? Baby Details

Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perello are famous couples who have yet to have children.

Rafael Nadal finally disclosed the main reason he hasn’t had children yet.

He doesn’t know if caring for children while traveling the globe is a good idea and how it will affect him, his future, and his relationship with his wife.

How Old Is Maria Francisca?

Maria Francisca is currently 33 years old.

She was a Spanish woman born in Manacor, Spain, in 1988 and celebrates her birthday every year on the 7th of July.

What Is Maria Francisca Net Worth?

Maria Francisca has a net worth of 500k.

Her salary as director-general ranges from 34k to 109k.

Xisca Perello Is The Project Director Of The Rafa Nadal Foundation

Mara Francisca Perelló, Rafa’s wife, joined the Foundation as a Project Manager in 2012 and enjoys her work, though she acknowledges it took some time to find the best match.

When Rafa started to name himself as a tennis player, he was inundated with offers and proposals to engage in charity activities.

Eventually, he was asked to establish a foundation from which we could make a difference in our projects.

Mara admits the Rafal Nadal Foundation is a huge burden, mainly since so many children rely on it, but she claims the Foundation’s parameters are crystal clear.

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