Ismaila Sarr Parents Are From Senegal But Is He Muslim? Religion and Faith Explored

Ismaila Sarr Parents Are From Senegal But Is He Muslim? Religion and Faith Explored

Ismaila Sarr is a professional football winger who plays for Premier League club Watford. Fans are curious to know how his parents are from Senegal. Is he Muslim?

Ismaila Sarr began to play football with Generation Foot, a football team in Senegal. However, his professional career was initiated in 2016 when he signed a five-year contract with FC Metz, a club based in Lorraine. 

A year later, the player transferred himself to Rennes, followed by FC Barcelona in 2017 and2018, respectively. He was included in Senegal’s 23-man squad during FIFA World Cup 2018.

Likewise, he was sent to Oumar Syr Diagne School in Senegal. The player is often noticed in his Muslim costumes, making people think he is a real Muslim. 

Where Are Ismaila Sarr Parents From? Religion And Family Faith Explored

Ismaila Sarr was born and raised in Saint Louis, Senegal by his parents Abdoulaye Sarr Naar Gaad and Marieme Ba. Sarr. Senegal is the country where 95% of the people follow Islam.

The family has faith in the Sufism branch like any other family in Senegal. Islam has influenced the country since the 11th century. Only 5% of the population follows Christianity.

They visit the Great Mosque Of Touba based in Senegal on Occasions.  


Ismaila Sarr Parents Ethnicity

Ismaila Sarr’s parents are the original people of Senegal. All the children, Ismaila Sarr, Papis Sarr, Kine Sarr, Badara Sarr, and Ndeye Ami Sarr, were born and raised in the same place.

Since several ethnic tribes inside the country, it is hard to tell which ethnicity they belong to. Well, it is believed that Ismaila, along with his family, follows Ahmadiyya Islam.

Ismaila Sarr Girlfriend Family Nationality

Ismaila Sarr of Senegalese nationality has been in a relationship with his curly-haired girlfriend for a while. The name of the lady has not been known. But she appears to be a citizen from Africa.

She was discovered holding the trophy at Ismaila’s victory. She might belong to the same nationality and religious background.


Ismaila Sarr Age And Height

Ismaila Sarr’s age is 23 years, as he was born on February 25, 1998. Having been born in Saint Louis, Senegal, to a footballer father, he started his international career at the young age of 17 years.

Ismaila of 6 feet and 1-inch height has been given the nickname of Smiley. 

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