Jack Ciattarelli Net Worth And Wife: Everything To Know About

Jack Ciattarelli Net Worth And Wife: Everything To Know About

After the recent declaration of Jack Ciattarelli’s win of GOP Primary, concerns regarding his net worth and other personal details are on the rise. 

Jack Ciattarelli is an American politician who served as the representative of the 16th legislative district in the New Jersey General Assembly for 7 years. 

He was in office from the year 2011 to the year 2018. Not just a politician, he is also a renowned businessman in the United States. 

Most recently, Jack won the GOP primary, which is the Republican nomination for New Jersey governor, according to CNN

After this declaration, he has been widely searched over the internet and his personal information is being looked after. 

Jack Ciattarelli Net Worth And Business

There are no precise details regarding Jack Ciattarelli’s net worth. 

However, considering his business which is a medical publishing company named Galen Publishing, he has earned a good fortune from it. 

Matter of fact, he is the owner and founder of this medical company. 

Moreover, several sources have reported that Jack had earned more than $4 million in his office time. 

Hence, taking all these into concern, he must have a pretty impressive net worth. 

Jack Ciattarelli Age

The famous politician and businessman Jack Ciattarelli’s age is 59 years old. 

He was born on December 12, 1961, in Somerville, New Jersey, United States. 

Jack Ciattarelli Wife And Family

Jack Ciattarelli is married to his long-time wife Melinda Ciattarelli. 

However, the exact details like their date of marriage or duration of togetherness have not been revealed yet. 

Jack posted a picture of him and his wife, on the day of their marriage, on the special occasion of their anniversary on the 5th of June. 

However, he did not say how many years has it been. Jack said in the post that she is the loving mother of their 4 children. 

Regarding his family, as mentioned, he lives with his wife and he has 4 children. So, they are the members of his family. 

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