Who Is Jack Mallers? Everything to Know About The President Of El Salvador

Who Is Jack Mallers? Everything to Know About The President Of El Salvador

Despite being a renowned personality and an investor, Jack Mallers is not yet mentioned on Wikipedia. So, Who is Jack Mallers? Here are some details. 

Jack Mallers is a famous American businessman and investor known for his bitcoin mining and dealing with companies like Zap and Strike. 

Most recently, Jack has been seen a lot in the media after the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, made bitcoin tender legal as the first country in the world to do so. 

Nayib declared that he will start a partnership with a company named Strike, and interestingly Jack Mallers is its CEO and founder. 

Who Is Jack Mallers? Wikipedia Bio

Jack Mallers is a young investor and entrepreneur from Illinois, Chicago, known for his software and crypto current dealing company Strike by Zap, Zap solutions. 

He is not on Wikipedia, but there are numerous other sources that provide different information and biography of Jack Mallers on the web. 

Jack is an entrepreneur who is currently known worldwide as an amazing influencer since his company has been chosen b the president of El Salvador for making Bitcoin a legal tender there. 

Jack started this company in around 2013, and he has made it a great success now.

He started his company when he was just 23 years. 

Jack Mallers Age: How Old Is He?

The CEO and founder, Jack Mallers age is 27 years old. 

Jack was born on April 9, 1994, in Illinois, Chicago, the United States. 

What Is Jack Mallers Net Worth?

There is currently no precise detail of enough evidence to estimate the net worth of Jack Mallers. 

However, we know that he is a millionaire. He has also been listed by Forbes, but his net worth is yet to be revealed on the official platform. 

Considering his multiple companies in the United States, his net worth will certainly not surprise anyone. 

Jack Mallers Wife: Is He Married?

There is no info regarding the wife of Jack Mallers. 

Also, it seems obvious since he is pretty young and is focusing on building a bigger career with his company currently. 

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