Jacob Puzey

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Jacob Puzey
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Jacob Puzey is a coach, professional runner, and content creator. He was the first registered runner from his home country to ever compete and finish the long Boston Marathon in April 2017.

He has set a world record in 2016 for running a total of 50 miles marathon in a record time of 4:57:45. He is a six-time national champion in Cross-country marathon and has 10 national trail championships under his credit.

Name Jacob Puzey
Age 37
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Nationality Canadian
Profession Runner
Siblings Tommy Rivers Puzey
Married/Single Married
Wife Amy Golumbia Puzey
Instagram @jacobpuzey
Twitter @jacobpuzey

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10 Facts on Jacob Puzey

  1. Jacob Puzey, a runner and athlete born in Canada in 1983. Despite currently living in the US for the majority of his life, he belongs to the nationality of his home country.
  2. The marathon athlete is 37 years of age as of 2020. He is currently working as a marathon coach for Peak Run Performance.
  3. Jacob is currently married. His wife Amy Golumbia Puzey is also a Canadian like him.
  4. Jacob has a brother named Tommy Rivers Puzey, who is also a professional runner. However, currently, he is diagnosed with Pneumonia. He is kept in isolation after showing the COVID symptoms.
  5. Talking about his physique, he has a pretty lean body as expected from a runner. However, he is lanky tall standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches.
  6. Unfortunately, such a well celebrated personality in sports does not have a Wikipedia bio. He is, however, featured on sites like ImpactMagazine.
  7. He is still endorsed as an official runner. So far, he has endorsed brands such as Altra Running, COROS Wearables, Swiftwick Socks, and Trail Butter.
  8. Jacob also creates content and spreads motivation through his Podcast The Art and Science of Running on Apple.
  9. To the time of this article, there’s has been not any official posts published relating to his net worth.
  10. We can find Jacob on Instagram @jacobpuzey. He is also active on Twitter @jacobpuzey.

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