How Old Is Jai Newcombe? Everything To Know About The Rugby Player

How Old Is Jai Newcombe? Everything To Know About The Rugby Player

Jai Newcombe, aged 19, is an Australian Rugby Player with a great future prospect. Here is everything to know about him.

A Box Hill Hawks, midfielder Jai Newcombe is stealing attention in Australian Rugby. His strong instincts and precise technique make him one of the best midfielders all over the league.

An emerging player from Australia, Jai seems determined to win a championship. Just started his career, however, he has already been a talking point for many of the rugby officials.

Jai Newcombe Age And Height

Jai Newcombe is just 19 years old, however, his plays and technique suggest he is in the game for many years.

A young athlete from Australia has not shared his genuine birthday.

Talking about Jai Newcombe’s height he is 6 feet 1 inch tall. 

Likewise, Jai weighs 85 kg as per his recent measurement record. Newcombe has tried to keep his body fit and strong, which seems to make a huge difference in his games. 

Who Are Jai Newcombe Parents?

The full details on Jai Newcombe’s parents have remained obscure. Talking about Jai’s mom, there has not been much of a talk on it. 

An article on The Gazzette revealed his father’s name is Clint Newcombe who is also a former rugby player.

Jai played his junior football at Hallora Junior football club, which was his father’s club as well. 

Now in the senior team of AFL, Jai’s parents must be proud of their son’s achievement.

Jai Newcombe Salary Details

Jai Newcombe’s salary and the contract have not been discussed yet.

An article on Fox Sports revealed that an average player salary at AFL was $363,430 in 2019. But due to the setbacks by COVID-19, the average salary was reduced to $259,651. 

Maybe Jai will also be receiving the same amount of cheque in his upcoming payment.

Meet Jai Newcombe On Instagram

Jai Newcombe is on Instagram and goes by the name of @jai.newcombe.

Where most players use their Instagram to connect with their fans and followers, Jai on the other hand has kept his account private.