Jake Bongiovi Net Worth: All About Millie Bobby Brown’s Boyfriend And Bon Jovi’s Son

Jake Bongiovi Net Worth: All About Millie Bobby Brown’s Boyfriend And Bon Jovi’s Son

What is Jake Bongiovi net worth? Best known as Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend, Jake is reportedly worth millions of dollars. 

Jake Bongiovi is the son of the famous rock artist, Jon Bon Jovi. 

Although Bongiovi is also a famous personality, he has decided not to join the path of his father. 

He has been lately seen with his girlfriend Millie, enjoying his life. His Instagram says that he is an actor.

Further, Jake also played football on his college team.  

Jake Bongiovi Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Jake Bongiovi’s net worth is not yet released but is expected to be worth millions of dollars. 

His Instagram suggests that he is an actor. But, he is also seen promoting his brother’s company Hampton Water. 

He is the promoter of the company, acting as a brand ambassador. The total assets of Hampton Water are almost $410 million. 

Jake Bongiovi: Millie Bobby Brown Boyfriend

Jake Bongiovi is now in a romantic relationship with Millie, revealed by his Instagram post. 

They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and then decided to become a pair. They have been in the relationship for several months now, since April. 

Although none of the couples have confirmed the relationship. Their relationship can also be seen as the hypes topic in some media sites. 

Jake Bongiovi Age And Instagram

Jake Bongiovi is a young boy, who is now 19 years old.

He celebrates his birthday on the 7th of May; he was born in the year 2002. 

Regarding his social media presence, Jake has an Instagram account with over more than 157k followers.

But, he has only limited 17 posts which indicate that he isn’t regularly active on the platform.

Similarly, he is following 957 people over Instagram. 

Jake Bongiovi Job: What Does He do For Living? 

Jake Bongiovi has not yet clearly mentioned his job. But, his Instagram suggests that Jake is an actor.

Although there are no movies or series in which Jake has made his appearance. 

He is later seen promoting the Hampton Water Wine, which was said to be his brother’s business. 

So as of now, it is not clear about Jake’s job or what he does for a living.