Who Is NZ Journalist Janet Wilson? Everything On Former Press Secretary Of Judith Collins

Who Is NZ Journalist Janet Wilson? Everything On Former Press Secretary Of Judith Collins

Janet Wilson is the former staffer of Todd Muller who has recently made national headlines for her comments about Susan Collins.

Janet Wilson has always been a notable personality in New Zealand’s political scene. Her involvement in media training for the higher-ups in the government has always kept her status high.

In May of last year, she made certain comments about National Leader Judith Collins which were not at all complimentary. In a podcast, the media veteran questioned Judith’s leadership and called her “paranoid”. The podcast was followed by a column about the leader which contained similar material.

The event made national headlines and overnight tarnished Collin’s reputation. It made more buzz as Wilson had never spoken so directly about a politician before.

Collin fired back at Wilson calling her irrelevant. Their series of back and forth jabs are still ongoing and making headlines.

For now, the internet seems to be on Janet’s side.

Who Is NZ Journalist Janet Wilson?

Janet Wilson is a journalist from New Zealand. She was born and raised in the country and now works in media training politicians. She was a former chief of staff for former National leader Todd Muller.

Being a journalist she writes a regular column for Stuff. She also has a weak podcast called The Spinoff where she interviews different people in the media. 

Janet Wilson Age Details: Meet Her On IG

Janet Wilson has not revealed her age to the internet yet. We estimate her to be in her 60s like her husband. Similarly, her date of birth and height is also not well known.

Unfortunately, Janet does not own any forms of social media. So it seems to be incredibly hard to find any details of her life on the internet.

It seems surprising because her entire career is based on media training politicians. 

Does Janet Wilson Have Husband? Married Life Explored

Janet Wilson is the wife of Bill Ralston. He is a 68-year-old New Zealand journalist, broadcaster, and media personality, active in television, radio, and print.

The couple got married back in 1997. They currently do not have any children but Bill has 2 children from his previous marriages. The couple works together in media and election debate training of many of New Zealand’s high-profile politicians. 

They have previously worked with the former prime ministers as well as National Pary MP’s.

The dedication of the couple was shown when they shifted their residence from Hawke’s Bay to Wellington during election season.