How old is Jay3? Get to know his real name, age, height and net worth facts

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How old is Jay3? Get to know his real name, age, height and net worth facts

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Jay3 is a former pro game player. He, as a competitive player has played for teams like Mirage Sport Electronique, Kungarna, Renegades, etc.

Name Jay3 (Christopher Pavloff)
Birthday November 9, 1994
Age 26 years old
Gender Male
Nationality United States
Profession Twitch Game Player
Instagram jay3twitch
Twitter @Jay3OW
Youtube Jay3

Jay3 began his career in the gaming scene because of his interest in playing video games. He had a never-dying passion for achieving high ranks in the games he played. 

Even as a child he tried to excel and improve his skills in games. He loved playing multiplayer shooting games. 

However, he turned himself into a professional gamer in 2016. At the end of October of 2016, he participated in Carbon Maters and won 3rd place. 

This boosted his confidence in becoming a streamer and competitive player. Slowly, he won tournaments like DreamHack.

As of now, he has retired as a pro player but is involved as a content creator.

10 Facts On Jay3

  1. Jay3 is a retired professional gamer. He is now active in the gaming industry as a content generator only.
  2. Gaming portals hints his age is 26 years old. And, his parents gave him birth on November 9, 1994. Following his birthday on November 9, his birth sign is Scorpio.
  3. Can you guess his height? As he hasn’t revealed the number, it is difficult to tell how tall he is.
  4. Likewise, he hasn’t disclosed his career earning. He must have earned a decent amount as his net worth but the information isn’t available for now.
  5. Coming to his real name, it is Christopher Pavloff. But, he became popular for his IGN name Jay3. Some of his alternate gaming IDs are J3sus, ABug, etc.
  6. Prior to joining Florida Mayhem, he used to play for Kungarna, Mirage Sport Electronique, etc as a pro gamer
  7. Now, he represents Florida Mayhem as a content creator.
  8. He probably doesn’t have a girlfriend.
  9. Jay3 streams on Twitch.
  10. Besides, you can see him on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

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