Who is Jeff Potter? Kim Potter Husband Champlin MN Sons & Family

Kim Potter husband, Jeff Potter, sat in the court hearing to witness the ongoing trial of his wife. In contrast, she cried inside the court hall admitting that she mistook the fire gun as a teaser. 

In the hearing, the former police officer said that she was distraught and mistook her firearm for her teaser when she fatally shot Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in Minneapolis. 

She apologized and said that she didn’t want to hurt anybody. 

Who is Kim Potter Husband, Jeff Potter?

Kim potter husband, Jeff Potter, is also a former policeman. Accordingly, to the Waow. news, both of them met in school when she was 15 and married happily after that. 

Jeff and Kim have two sons, one of whom has been recruited in the marines. 

Potter testified she had received no weapons confusion training.

Potter, age, 49 was wearing a light yellow sweater, and dark pants opened her testimony by removing her mask.

She said that she had been married to a retired police officer for 25 years.

Potter told jurors they have two sons with her husband Jeff, one an active duty Marine officer and the other a college student who planned to be home for the holidays.

Potter’s husband, Jeff Potter, sat in the courtroom as she testified alongside Wright’s father, Arbuey Wright, and mother, Katie Bryant.

Potter also had other family members in the courtroom.

Kim Potter Champlin MN Sons & Family

Kim Potter lives with her family in Champlin, Minnesota. As mentioned above, one of her son’s studies in college and the other one is working in the marines.

A heavy police presence was around former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter’s home in Champlin.

Potter was charged Wednesday with second-degree manslaughter following the traffic-stop shooting of Daunte Wright.

Barricades, fences and around-the-clock police presence surrounding Potter’s home had jarred residents in the neighbourhood.

Kim’s neighbour LouAnn said she thought, What in the world happened now? 

Jeff Potter Wife Kim Potter Trial Update

Kim Potter is under trial, and the prosecutor Erin Eldridge cross-examination has been haunting her. Furthermore, Potter said that Daunte Wright didn’t threaten her. 

Kim proposed that she mistook the gun as a teaser. There have been questions about the new teaser, which is similar to the weapon she received a few days back from her department.

Potter testified she had been well off with the Tasers since her training in 2002. The prosecutor even showed photos of Potter’s yellow-and-black Taser and black firearm, side by side.

Eldridge asked about the differences between drawing a gun and a Taser from opposite sides of a gun belt.

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