Jelani Day Organs Were Reportedly Missing, Were They Actually Harvested?

Jelani Day Organs Were Reportedly Missing, Were They Actually Harvested?

Jelani Day, the lost Illinois graduate, was found after a search of the month. But when found, Jelani Day, Organs were all removed, leaving him in an inhuman state.

The case remained unsolved, weeks after his mother reported him missing on August 25. The reasons for his death have not been revealed.

The grief his loved ones will feel now that they know what happened to his body is unfathomable.

A body with almost all of its organs removed left in the river to rot is heartbreaking to hear off.

Jelani Day Organs Harvest – Why Were They Missing? Autopsy Update

Jelani Day Organs is said to be missing as the latest autopsy updates the news. It is horrific to hear it, no human being to be stripped of his organs.

There were no eyeballs on the corpse, only sockets. The river’s water had taken its course, drenching the body from head to toe.

According to Day and Bezner, the body was missing its front top and bottom teeth, who cited a second autopsy done at the family’s request by a private forensic pathologist. He’d had his jawbone sawed out.

According to Day and her attorney, the family’s private forensic pathologist could not locate a brain. There are no organs—neither of the livers. Neither did the spleen.

 Bezner stated that the LaSalle County coroner revealed that the organs were entirely liquefied.

According to the private forensic pathologist’s assessment, the genitalia was unidentified.

Jelani Day Flayed Parents: Who Are They?

Only one of Jelani’s parents has come into the light of the news, his mother, Carmen Bolden-Day. At the same time, his father has been in the dark, limiting himself from the media.

Finding a body created even more concerns, and it shocked Jelani’s mother, Carmen Bolden Day, to her core. 

The lack of early answers and progress prompted Jelani’s mother to encourage investigators to act with greater urgency and intensity.

She’s still perplexed as to why they didn’t check the river in the first week following the finding of Jelani’s white 2010 Chrysler 300.

Jelani’s mother was pleased that he had just repaired his grandfather’s automobile, working and repaying the cost of repairs.

How Did Jelani Day Die? Cause Of Death

According to the LaSalle County Coroner’s Office, Jelani’s cause of death is presently unknown. 

However, with the clue the press has provided us, there is a high probability of it being a murder.

In additional search on September 4, 2021, in the LaSalle Peru area produced the body of an identified male recovered near the “south bank of the Illinois River, approximately ¼ mile east of the Illinois Rt. 251 Bridge.”

The press release later identified the body on September 23, 2021, through “forensic dental identification and DNA testing and comparison.”

Even though Jelani’s cause of death is unknown, authorities believe that his death is unusual.