Who Are Jesse Owens Daughters? Details To Know About His Wife And Family

Who Are Jesse Owens Daughters? Details To Know About His Wife And Family

Jesse Owens, the father of 3 daughters was a legendary athlete from the United States. Now, all of his daughters are grandparents.

Jesse Owens is the name written in the history of the United States as the premium athlete.

Owens, born in 1913, became a sensation of the track and field world after winning 4 gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games.

With an average height of 5ft 11-inches, Owens proved himself to be one of the greatest track and field athletes of an early era and his legacy has earned him various awards with multiple films being made under his name.

He died at the age of 66 in 1980 and his legacy has passed to his daughters. Let’s find more about his children.

Jesse Owens Children: Who Are His Daughters?

Jesse Owens had parented 3 daughters Gloria Owens, Beverley Owens, and Marlene Owens with his wife Minnie Ruth Solomon.

Their oldest, Gloria was born in 1932. While she is currently enjoying her retired life, Gloria survived herself being a professional educator during her professional years.

She was married to the Hemphill family.

Beverley Owens, 82, who was the middle child of Jesse Owens, was married to the Prather family and her professional background is left unnoticed to date.

Furthermore, Marlene Owens Rankin is a retired social worker. She was known to be the executive director of Jesse Owens Foundations.

All of them currently reside in Chicago.

Jesse Owens Wife: Who Was He Married To?

Late great Jesse Owens was married to his high school sweetheart Minnie Ruth Solomon.

The couple had met at the Fairmount Junior High School in 1930. Minnie, who was just 2 years younger than Jesse Owens dated for a couple of years before tying the knot in 1935.

Jesse, who could not accompany his wife until 1980 was known for being a father, husband, athlete, and humanitarian.

Minnie, who was born in 1915 passed away in 2001 at the age of 86.

Meet Jesse Owens Family And Grandchildren

Jesse Owens was born in a huge family as he was survived by 3 sisters and 6 brothers.

Jesse was the youngest and tenth member of the Owens family. He was born to his parents Henry Cleveland Owens and Mary Emma Fitzgerald in Oakville, Alabama in 1913.

Fast forward 19 years later, Jesse started his own family with his girlfriend Minnie and their oldest daughter Gloria.

Now, that both the Owens couple has passed away, their daughter, who is in their late years is survived by their children and grandchildren.

While the identities of the daughters’ children and grandchildren are left unnoticed to date, Marlene is a grandmother of 2 grandchildren.

Gloria’s and Beverley’s family details are not publicly known.    

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Last Modified: January 17, 2022

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