Watch: JJ Da Boss Car Accident Video & Wreck, Is He Dead Or Still Alive?

Watch: JJ Da Boss Car Accident Video & Wreck, Is He Dead Or Still Alive?

JJ Da Boss is a professional racer who was involved in a serious car accident on the 13th of January. Here are the details about the incident and his survival. 

JJ Da Boss is a professional racer, and also an actor. 

JJ Da Boss is a reality television personality from the United States who rose to prominence after starring in the original Discovery Channel series Street Outlaws: Memphis.

JJ is the patriarch of the Memphis racing clan. He also established the Spin City street racing scene.

He’s been a fan of muscle vehicles since he was a child, and he and his pals grew up racing whatever car they could get their hands on in the streets of Memphis and Arkansas.

Today, JJ is the leader of a gang of street racers that seem like a family but are all about the hustle.

Watch: JJ Da Boss Car Accident Video & Wreck-Is He Dead Or Still Alive?

JJ Da Boss is a professional racer who was involved in a car accident yesterday on the 13th of January 2022. 

JJ Da Boss has always been involved in an accident, as he is a street racer and likes to take the risks. 

Talking about his survival, he is very much alive and is not injured, but minor injuries have occurred. 

One of the youtube video uploaded after the incident shows a devastating crash with some wall, but as of now, no one is reported to be injured.

The comment section is loaded with blessings and reports that revealed that both Boss and his wife are safe and sound. 

JJ Da Boss Wife Trisha Wayne-Is He Married? Family Details

JJ Da Boss is married to his wife Trisha Wayne. 

The couple has been married for nearly 10 years and has eleven children, of which we are aware of Doughboy, Aubrey, Whitney, Anneline, and Vada.

There is no information about the others, even though they claim to have reared 11 siblings. They have 5 grandkids as well.

Tricia is not the mother of all eleven children, but the identity of the other mother or mom remains unknown.

Tricia is a reality TV star from Memphis who is also taking part in underground racing. She is also popularly known as the ‘Queen of the Streets.’

She usually works with her husband and partner JJ Da Boss, and that is the reason every time, the couple are involved together in the race and even in accidents. 

They both are companions and have a very high-profile name in the world of racing. 

What Is JJ Da Boss Net Worth? His Earnings

Talking about JJ Da Boss’ net worth, he is one of the richest racers who has a net worth of around $1 million to $5 million. 

But for now, the exact details are yet to hit the internet. 

We know for sure that he has a huge collection of cars, ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions. 

Boss is very fond of cars and so he has a very high income from life-threatening races, and that is the reason he is so popular. 

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