Joanna Thornton

Joanna Thornton

Joanna Thorton is a famous American YouTuber. As of today, her YouTube channel has garnered 97k subscribers. Fundamentally, she is a blogger and her channel mostly features content relating to DITL vlogs, shopping hauls, Q&As, special projects, and more. 

From what it appears, the blogger only started her channel a few months ago. In a short span of time, she has already garnered impressive online supporters. Most of her family-friendly videos have acquired thousands of views from all across.

Slowly and steadily, Joanna is becoming a household name. 

Quick Facts: Joanna Thornton

Name Joanna Thornton
Age 30-40
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Married/Single Married
Husband Mark Thorton
Children Ava, Kate, Max, Beau
Instagram @joanna_thornton
Youtube Joanna Thornton

10 Facts On Joanna Thorton

  1. As of now, Joanna Thorton hasn’t revealed her actual birth date. Hence, her age remains unknown. Perhaps the YouTuber is in her mid-30s. 
  2. Currently, a dedicated Wikipedia page for Joanna Thorton is not available. Hopefully, our readers can take away some interesting information about her through our article here. 
  3. Moving on to her physical attributes, the young YouTuber appears decently tall. The exact details on her height, weight, and body measurements are yet to surface.
  4. Her YouTube channel is divided into two categories. One of which is her “cleaning channel” and the other is her “family vlogging channel”. 
  5. As a result of her success as a YouTuber, Joanna has attracted quite a following on Instagram too. At present, she has amassed 17k followers.
  6. Speaking of her personal life, Joanna Thorton is married to her husband, Mark Thorton. The day as to when they wedded hasn’t been made public yet. 
  7. Together, the couple is blessed with four children; Ava, Kate, Max, and Beau. Judging from her social media account, they all seem like a happy family. 
  8. Since Joanna has just embarked on her YouTube career, it may be too early to keep track of her net worth. Moreover, details about her earnings haven’t been disclosed by any sources either. 
  9. Joanna is known to post new videos every Tuesday. 
  10. Most of her content feature her loving husband and all of her four kids. 

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