Who Is Michael Kirby Partner Johan Van Vloten? Everything To Know

Who Is Michael Kirby Partner Johan Van Vloten? Everything To Know

Michael Kirby tied the knot with his husband Johan Van Vloten in 2019. They shared a wedding oath on the 50th year of their first meeting.

Johan Van Vloten is a popular Australian celebrity spouse. He is the long-time partner and groom of Australian jurist and academic, Michael Kirby.

Vloten is also a social worker and a former newsagent. He definitely worked at a reputed channel and helped people who were living with HIV.

Johan Van Vloten: Michael Kirby Partner

Johan Van Vloten is famous as the partner of attorney, Michael Kirby.

The couple lived together since 1969. They first met at a gay bar in Sydney and started dating. Over the years, their love blossomed and they became partners.

In 1984, Michael publicly came out as gay. The couple continued their relationship and finally exchanged vows on their 50th meet anniversary. They hesitated at first but later on they cherished the moment. 

Johan Van Vloten Age And Wiki

Johan Van Vloten appears to be in the age range of 75-85 years. Moreover, he is listed as the spouse on Michael’s Wikipedia page.  

Vloten is originally from the Netherlands. He migrated to Australia in 1963 and worked as a news agent. He is also a social worker who helped HIV patients.

In 1969, Van met Kirby and started dating. They were together everywhere even in the high court functions. At that time, homosexuality was illegal in Australia, so they had to hide their relationship from the public.

However, Michael told his mother about his sexuality just before some days of her death. But, she mentioned that she already knew about it since Johan was their all-time weekend guest.

Later on, when gay marriage was made legal, they came upfront as a couple.

Johan Van Vloten Net Worth

Johan Van Vloten’s net worth details are under calculation.

But, his partner, Michael has a net worth of about $3 million as noted by Starsgab. Further, the couple lives a comfortable life in their Sydney home.

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