How Much Is John Solheim Net Worth? Learn Everything About The CEO Of Ping Manufacturing Corp

How Much Is John Solheim Net Worth? Learn Everything About The CEO Of Ping Manufacturing Corp

The CEO of Ping Manufacturing Corp, John Solheim, is happily married to Sunny and blessed with four children. His net worth was revealed. Find it out.

John Solheim, the CEO of ping manufacturing Corporation based in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is an American company that manufactures golf equipment.

The PING Inc has its subsidiaries as well, which is too handled by John spread in several countries. 

He graduated from Arizona University, where he studied mechanical engineering and has gained extreme experience in business management and leadership positions.

How Much Is John Solheim Net Worth? 

John Solheim is expected to be one of the richest CEOs with around a net worth of $ 6 million.

However, John has not disclosed the exact figure. On the other hand, PING has reported having an income of $296.8 million.

In terms of the above-mentioned figure, we can expect him to earn a good amount.

How Old Is John Solheim? Age Revealed

Judging his physical appearance, John Solheim seems to be running in his late 30s or early 40s. 

Although John has not disclosed his exact age yet.

Neither he has disclosed his height nor his weight.

He is yet to reveal his details.

John Solheim Wikipedia Bio

Sadly, John Solheim is not featured on the official page of Wikipedia yet. He is yet to be enlisted.

Even though his details are accessible on other pages.

Likewise, the company he looks after ‘PING’ has its official wiki page.

He brought technology to the company, which became the first golf manufacturer to be ISO certified.

He was also awarded by The American Junior Golf Association for his sponsorship of junior tournaments and the creation of the PING Junior Solheim Cup, which is fashioned after his parent’s Solheim Cup. 

John Solheim Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Yes, John Solheim is happily married to Sunny. They are blessed with four children.

He had not posted further information about his wife and children.

However, his family seems to be supportive of him.

Meet John Solheim On Instagram

The official Instagram account of John Solheim is not available, but the company PING has.

You can follow PING on @pingtour, which has gained 492k followers. 

Under Pingtour, you can find further details of John as well.