Karlee Steel Cheating Rumors: Why Did Karlee Steel And Josh Bisschops Break Up?

Karlee Steel Cheating Rumors: Why Did Karlee Steel And Josh Bisschops Break Up?

Did Karlee Steel cheat on her boyfriend Josh Bisschops?  Karlee addressed claims that she cheated on Josh in a 24-minute video on YouTube. 

Karlee Steel and Josh Bisschops have broken up and are no longer together. 

The former couple began dating two years ago and were quite vocal about their relationship. 

They often appeared on each other’s Instagram profiles and created content together on YouTube and TikTok. 

Further, Karlee is a popular social media star. She made her first social media appearance on Twitter in 2010. 

Gradually, her career picked up and she created her YouTube channel in January 2013 which has gained over 1.22 million subscribers. 

Karlee is known for creating lip-sync videos, pranks, and challenges on social media. 

Why Did Karlee Steel And Josh Bisschops Break Up? 

YouTuber Karlee Steel confirmed that she and her boyfriend Josh Bisschops have split. 

In a 24-minute long video, Karlee admitted that things were good between Karlee and Josh in the beginning.

However, things started to go downhill over time to the point where she and Josh were always arguing. 

Josh left his job to focus on his music career and they mutually decided they will support each other during this time. 

Karlee admitted that she tried her best to fix their relationship and always supported Josh and his daughter. But, lack of communication was one of the biggest issues in their relationship.

Karlee said whenever she tried to communicate with Josh, they ended up arguing with Josh blaming her for leaving his job. 

She also said she was always thinking about their future whereas Josh only thought about his future. 

Karlee Steel Cheating Rumors

Furthermore, in the same video, Karlee also addressed claims that she cheated on Josh.

She denied the claims and said she did not cheat on him and the whole thing was just a misunderstanding. 

As she wanted to maintain her friend’s privacy, she referred to her friend as Hunter in the video. Karlee stated that she and Hunter were just friends and have been for many years. 

Further, Karlee also tweeted that Josh did not even take 30 minutes to follow and message other girls after their separation. 

As of now, Josh is yet to respond to the whole situation. 

Meet Karlee Steel On Instagram

Karlee Steel’s Instagram handle is verified and available under the username @karleesteel. 

She has collected over 376k followers and often keeps her fans in the loop on what’s going on in her life. 

However, she said that she’d be staying away from social media for a while to deal with her breakup. 

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