Who Is Katherine Levac Ex Conjoint? Details About The Humorist

Who Is Katherine Levac Ex Conjoint? Details About The Humorist

Katherine Levac’s love story seems to be complicated as she has dated both boys and girls. So who is her ex conjoint?

Katherine Levac is a professional comedian and actress. 

Her humor has made her win many awards, and she’s considered one of the best humorists in Canada.

She has also provided her performance as an actress in some movies like Ego Trip and Niagara. 

Who Is Katherine Levac Ex Conjoint? 

Katherine Levac is a lesbian, but before 2017 she even dated a guy whose name is still a mystery. 

Her ex conjoint is the actress Karelle Tramblay. Karelle and Levac were even married and had a good relationship. 

But the marriage did not last, and both of them parted their way. 

Levac is now dating director and writer Chloe Robichaud. They both are even expecting a child and have posted the pregnancy pic on their Instagram. 

Katherine Levac Age, Height, And Weight

Katherine Levac’s age is 32 years old. 

Levac celebrates her birthday on the 11th of July, and she was born in the year 1989. 

Katherine has changed a lot in recent years in terms of her weight. She used to be a fat woman, according to her earlier photos which could be around 80-90 kgs. 

But now, she has grown into a beautiful and slim woman by being health-conscious, and she might weigh only around 60-65 kgs. 

Is Katherine Levac On Instagram? Her Net Worth Explored

Yes, Katherine Levac is on Instagram with a whooping of around 253k followers. 

She is also following over 1.4k people on Instagram, and she has posted over 273 posts on Instagram. 

Talking about her net worth, it is still a mystery to be solved. 

She is an award-winning comedian from Quebec, and she might have accumulated a good amount of fortune. 

But as of now, exact numbers about her fortune is still yet to be revealed.