Katie Simpson CBC Weight Loss Transformation: How Did She Lose Weight?

Katie Simpson CBC Weight Loss Transformation: How Did She Lose Weight?

Look at CBC journalist Katie Simpson’s incredible story, who achieved a significant weight loss to maintain her social profile.

Katie Simpson is a Canadian journalist who has been working with CBC for more than 11 years now.

Being a journalist who appears on Television is not an easy job to do. You don’t have to think only about your performance and abilities, but you also have to face multiple judgemental perceptions. 

Similar is the story of Katie Simpson, who went through some challenging periods due to being overweight and later successfully maintaining her physical appearance.

Quick Facts: Katie Simpson CBC Weight Loss Transformation: How Did She Lose Weight?
Name Katie Simpson
Age 30-40
Gender Female
Height About 5 feet 3 inches
Nationality Canadian
Profession Journalist
Instagram @katie_simpson
Twitter @CBCKatie

CBC Journalist Katie Simpson Weight Loss Story: How Did She Lose Weight?

The main tool or step behind Katie Simpson’s weight loss was continuous hard work and a well-managed diet plan.

Despite her excellent journalism skills and with more than 10 years of experience in the particular field, Katie has been a victim of appearance-based criticisms. Although she was doing her works boldly, Katie was growing insecurity about herself being overweight.

Newzsquare reports the struggle and day-to-day challenges that Simpson had to go through to keep her weight in balance. While the specific details of her diet plan and workout are not disclosed, Katie kept on communicating with her followers about the weight loss.

Eventually, she underwent significant workouts alongside a well-managed diet plan as the journalist finally managed to achieve some weight loss. Nonetheless, the actual weight loss in numbers has not been revealed.

Katie Simpson Age And Wikipedia

Katie Simpson’s age appears to be in her thirties.

However, we don’t have exact details of her age and birthdate as they cannot be found at the moment. Likewise, Simpson has a short Wikipedia bio at the moment that discusses her career.

Katie currently works as the foreign correspondent for CBC as an anchor as well as a reporter. In the same way, she has also worked in a similar position for the CP24.

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