Why Did Keigo Oyamada ‘Cornelius’ Bullied Children With Disabilities?

Why Did Keigo Oyamada ‘Cornelius’ Bullied Children With Disabilities?

Keigo Oyamada called it quits as a composer for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Game over a bullying scandal.

Keigo Oyamada is a reputed musician and a record producer. He is best known for his association with the record labels like Warner Music Group, Rostrum Records, and so on.

Oyamada is also the former lead composer of the Tokyo Games 2020. He was set to open the Paralympics and Olympics. But he quit it due to the bullying scandal.

Keigo Oyamada Bullying Scandal Explained

Keigo Oyamada aka Cornelius resigned from Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 after a bullying scandal resurfaced on the internet.

In the mid-1990s, he admitted to bullying disabled children while he was in elementary and high school. He mentioned it in the interviews with Rockin’On Japan and Quick Japan.

Keigo apologized for his deeds and everyone forgot the incident. However, after he was hired as a composer for the Olympic Games, the interviews resurfaced.

The Japanese citizens began questioning his appropriateness. Taking the matter into consideration, Oyamada resigned and the resignation was accepted by the higher authorities.

Cornelius will not perform in the opening ceremony and his composing will also not be used. Also, he will not open in the Paralympics.

Keigo Oyamada Wikipedia Explored

Being a well-known composer, Keigo Oyamada has a Wikipedia page.

Firstly, he became a member of the pop duo, Flipper’s Guitar. In 1991, it was disbanded and he started his solo journey. A year later, he was signed by Trattoria Records.

Oyamada released several songs and music. Moreover, he was contracted by Matador Records in 1998. He is noted for his creations like ‘The Love Parade’ and ‘Perfect Rainbow’.

In 2021, Keigo was selected as the composer of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. However, he resigned from the post after his bully scandal reappeared in the media. 

Keigo Oyamada Age: How Old Is He?

At the present time, Keigo Oyamada is 52 years old.

He was born on 27 January 1969, in Setagaya, Tokyo. He is Japanese by nationality and ancestry. Moreover, he has the nickname, Cornelius.

Keigo was inspired by the movie, Planet of the Apes. Thus, he took his pseudo name from the lead character of the movie. 

Who Is Keigo Oyamada Ex-Partner: Takako Minekawa?

Keigo Oyamada married his ex-life partner, Takako Minekawa in 2000.

Takako is also a singer, songwriter, and musician. She is known for her songs, ‘Desert Song’ and ‘Fantastic Cat’. Moreover, she also acted in film and TV while she was young.

Oyamada and Minekawa have a child named Milo. The couple was married for 12 years until they parted ways in 2012.

What Is Keigo Oyamada Net Worth?

The net worth details of Keigo Oyamada in 2020 are still under evaluation.

He is a renowned composer, musician as well as a producer. He makes a wealthy sum from his music career.

Further, he lives a lavishing life in an affluent city in Japan.