Kelvyn Colt Wiki: Everything To Know About The German Rapper

Kelvyn Colt Wiki: Everything To Know About The German Rapper

Kelvyn Colt is not yet featured on Wikipedia despite his career as a successful rapper. Here are some facts about the musician.

Kelvyn Colt is a German rapper who specializes in hip-hop and rap songs.

With more than 25 songs under his name, Kelvyn is best known for LINK UP, Bury Me Alive, Moon, and so on, which have got millions of views on YouTube.

Coming from Wiesbaden, Germany, Kelvyn has been able to attract a massive audience and fan following for his incredible music.

The last time he was in the headlines was for his partnership with Mercedes Benz’s electric brand.

Quick Facts:

Name Kelvyn Colt
Birthday January 23, 1994
Age 27
Gender Male
Height About 5 feet 11 inches
Nationality German
Profession Rapper
Married/Single Single
Instagram @kelvyncolt
Twitter @kelvyncolt
Youtube Kelvyn Colt
Facebook @KelvynColt

Everything About Kelvyn Colt’s Wiki 

Kelvyn Colt is a German rapper and musical artist known for singing hip-hop and rap songs.

As a child, Kelvyn Colt grew up being bullied for his music, but he never let go of his passion for rapping. He had to face much bullying and criticism in Germany for his genre of songs, as he has revealed multiple times.

Born in Germany on January 23, 1994, Kelvyn’s first known song is titled Narcotic which was premiered in 2015. Since then, he has released more than two dozens songs that have millions of views.

Facts To Know About Kelvyn Colt 

  1. Starting with Kelvyn Colt’s age, he is 27 years old. His birthday falls on the 23rd of January.
  2. The German rapper has been able to earn thousands of followers on social media. Speaking of which, Kelvyn Colt’s Instagram account is verified with 106k followers.
  3. Kelvyn doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend at the moment. Probably, he wants to use his youthful years making music instead of getting tangled in relationships. 
  4. Even though he has a short bio published on Forbes, Kelvyn Colt’s net worth has not been confirmed by the site.
  5. Kelvyn was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, making his nationality German.
  6. Similarly, he was born to a German mother and Nigerian father. Hence, he is half German and half Nigerian as for his ethnicity.
  7. Although his physical attributes are not officially revealed, Kelvyn’s height could measure about 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

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