Meet Keni Harrison Family: Everything To Know About The Athlete

Meet Keni Harrison Family: Everything To Know About The Athlete

Hurdler Keni Harrison’s joint family with diverse heritages never misses out on her single race. Her parents/family are always close by, cheering from the sidelines.

Keni ‘Kendra’ Harrison is an American hurdler.

Initially heading to set a soccer career, she later chose to hurdle after her super-fast pace caught the attention of a coach who asked her to run. Thus, that was the beginning journey of the hurdler Keni who eventually made a world record.

What’s intriguing is that pro-Keni is a three-time USA champion in 100 meters hurdles.

The 28-year-old CHS alumni Harrison grabbed the headlines after recently being qualified for the Olympics in Tokyo.

Keni Harrison Family And Parents

Keni Harrison’s big family consists of her many siblings.

Well, Keni is the middle child in a family with 11 kids. Among the 11, nine are adopted which also includes Keni.

What’s more, Harrison grew up in a house with diverse nationalities. In fact, some of her siblings are of Korean heritage while some are from Bolivia, as per USA Today.

The Tennessee-born athlete was orphaned at a really young age and didn’t even know her biological parents. Keni was raised by her adoptive parents: Karon and Gary Harrison, two retired military workers.

Keni Harrison Net Worth Explored

Keni Harrison’s net worth is explored by some sites.

As per Idol Networth, her total earnings are estimated at $6 million. Likewise, other online sources assume Keni’s net worth between $100k to $1 million.

Who Is Keni Harrison Boyfriend? 

Information about Keni Harrison’s boyfriend remains unfound on the web.

Similarly, checking her social media also failed to give any hints about her dating life or the person she is romantically involved with. 

Is Keni Harrison On Instagram?

Keni Harrison is available on Instagram as @ken_aye_.

With a verified IG account and over 40k followers and 100 posts, the athlete’s activeness in the online platform is not that feeble.

Her Instagram bio states her as a Jesus lover, a pro-athletes sponsored by Adidas Running and UK alumni. The bio also presets out her achievements in the running/hurdling race.