Kentaro Kobayashi Holocaust Joke Video Explained- Why Is The Olympics Opening Ceremony Director Fired?

Kentaro Kobayashi Holocaust Joke Video Explained- Why Is The Olympics Opening Ceremony Director Fired?

Kentaro Kobayashi was dismissed from the role of Director of the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony duo to his old video.

Professionally, Kentaro Kobayashi is a comedian and an actor. He is also quite well known for being a theatre director.

He is quite famous for his insensitive joke video about the Holocaust surfaced.

Afterward, he has been removed from the position of Director at the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony.

Kentaro Kobayashi Holocaust Joke Video Reddit- What Did He Say?

The Tokyo Olympic organizing committee fired Kentaro Kobayashi from his position of Director on Thursday because of his Holocaust joke, which was made during a comedy show in 1998.

According to Euro News, he was accused of using a joke about Holocaust in his comedy act as he has said, Let’s Play Holocaust.

Japan’s Olympics chief Seiko said that the video mocked the painful facts of history, and she did not know until it came through the media.

The video was deleted from Reddit, as it is no longer available on it.

Kentaro Kobayashi Wife And Age 

Kentaro Kobayashi has yet to broadcast his wife’s details publicly.

He also has not given any official statement about being married or being in a relationship with anyone.

So, considering the facts, we could assume either he is hiding his relationship status, or he is single.

Kentaro Kobayashi’s actual age is 48 years old, and he was born in 1973.

He celebrates his birthday on the 17th of April every year with his family. Friends, and beloved ones.

The comedian was born and grown in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Kentaro Kobayashi Wiki And Net Worth Details

Kentaro Kobayashi is a comedian, dramaturge, actor, manga artist, and theatre director.

Globally he is quite notable for his work as a director and actor in Japanese traditional videos such as Sushi.

Likewise, he is also one of the members of the Rahmens aware comedy duo. His manga series name Hana Usagi ran from 1999 to the year 2004.

Biography Daily has estimated Kobayashi’s total net worth as $2 million in 2021.

However, he has yet to verify the mentioned data or figures.

Being a comedian, actor, theatre director, and manga artist, he must earn quite a reasonable sum of salary monthly and must live a luxurious lifestyle with his family.