Keyshia Cole Mom Frankie Lons- How Did She Die? Everything To Know

Keyshia Cole Mom Frankie Lons- How Did She Die? Everything To Know

Who is Frankie Lons? Frankie was the mother of American singer Keyshia Cole, and she has passed away at the age of 61. 

Frankie Lons was the biological mother of renowned American singer and songwriter Keyshia Cole.

Lons also appeared in the reality series Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, released in 2006.

Frankie got more attention from the public after getting recognized as the mother of Keyshia. 

Further, Keyshia is a famous American singer & songwriter, and actress.

Keyshia is active in the entertainment industry since 1998. Likewise, Keyshia has worked with various legendary artists, including 2Pac, Kanye West, Eve, and many more.

Sadly, Keyshia’s mother, Frankie, died on her birthday after struggling with an addiction. Here we’ve mentioned more information about her.

Who Is Frankie Lons?

Frankie Lons was widely recognized as the biological mother of Keyshia Cole.

Besides, Frankie gave birth to Keyshia on October 15, 1981, in Oakland, California.

Also, Frankie gained fame after appearing in her daughter’s reality show, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is.

Moreover, Frankie’s demise has surprised the whole world as she died on her birthday.

Her daughter, Keyshia, used to photos and videos of her mom on Instagram.

Frankie Lons: Keyshia Cole Mom Age And Birthday

Regarding Keyshia Cole’s mom, Frankie Lons’ age, she was 61 years old at her death.

She had always celebrated her birthday on July 18.

Frankie died on her birthday, so we can say that Lons’ birthday was on July 18.

Further details regarding her early life and exact date of birth are unknown.

Besides, Frankie’s daughter, Keyshia, is a famous singer who has also worked as a television producer.

Keyshia’s biological father is Virgil Hunter, an American boxing coach. So from the given data, we can say that Keyshia was married to Virgil.

She had shared the news of her mom, Frankie’s health condition on Instagram, saying she is getting better.

How Did Frankie Lons Die?

Entering the topic, Frankie Lons tragically left this world on July 18 after struggling with an addiction.

The news of Frankie’s demise was announced by Keyshia’s brother Sam through a social media post.

Frankie overdosed at her party following a decades-long battle with addiction.

She died on her birthday at her home, Oakland. Keyshia’s brother also admitted that the overdose was a relapse during Lons’ fight to remain sober.

Besides, Keyshia was put up for adoption as a child and reconnected with her mother after finding fame as a singer.

The news of Frankie’s death has gone viral on social media after her few family members posted it.

Many people have provided condolences through various online platforms.