Kidbrooke Murder: Who Is Sabina Nessa? Rushey Green Primary School Teacher Killed

Kidbrooke Murder: Who Is Sabina Nessa? Rushey Green Primary School Teacher Killed

Sabina Nessa’s Instagram account has not come to the surface yet, she must have kept it private and away from the public. 

Sabina Nessa was a primary school teacher at Rushey Green Primary School in southeast London. Her school and community have been devastated after the news of her death was made public by the authorities. 

Her dead body was found near OneSpace community center at Kidbrooke Park Road in Royal Borough of Greenwich on Saturday, September 18, 2021, according to Belfast Telegraph

According to the headmistress of the school, she worked in, Sabina was very dedicated, kind, and caring towards her pupils. She enjoyed her time with the kids and showed absolute dedication to her work. 

Let us learn more about Sabina Nessa and take a closer look at her Instagram and her family. 

Is Sabina Nessa On Instagram?

Sabina Nessa’s verified Instagram account has not been found yet. 

She seems to be absent from the picture-sharing social media platform as of now or she could have kept her profile hidden from the general public. 

Nessa is also not seen using any other social media platforms as well. She could be keeping her digital presence as low as possible. 

However, Sabina is trending on all major social media platforms after police revealed the identity of the dead woman found on Saturday. 

What Is Sabina Nessa Age?

Sabina Nessa’s actual age was 28 years old at the time she lost her life. 

Information about her birthday has not come to the surface or on the internet yet but we are looking for it as you read this article. 

Nessa lost her life at a young age and her untimely demise has saddened thousands of people from around the UK and world. 

Her young students could find it hard to believe their teacher has died. 

She could be born around London and raised there but the information has not been verified as of now. 

Who Are Sabina Nessa Parents? Family Explored

Sabina Nessa’s parents worked as a chef at a local Indian restaurant. 

Her father was a chef at a local Indian restaurant and has been devastated to learn the news of her daughter. 

His name has not been revealed yet but he is a very friendly person around the neighborhood according to Evening Standard. 

Information about Sabina’s mother has not come to the surface yet, but she must be also devasted and heartbroken as of now after losing her little girl. 

Sabina has three sisters in her family, they grew up together in Sandy, Bedfordshire. Names of the sisters are yet to be revealed on the web. 

Sabina Nessa Death: Is Kidbrooke Murder Suspect Arrested?

Sabina Nessa’s death has shocked the UK and the rest of the world. 

She was found dead at Cator Park after 5:30 pm on Saturday, but the authorities suspect she had been murdered on the previous day at around 8:30 pm. 

An arrest of a 40-year-old suspect in link to the Kidbrooke murder case was made few hours after the body was discovered but he was released soon due to the pending investigation. 

Further suspects have not been found by the authorities yet and no arrests have been made yet. 

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