Killer: Robert Durst Death Cause And Obituary -How Did He Die? Everything To Know

Killer: Robert Durst Death Cause And Obituary -How Did He Die? Everything To Know

Robert Durst passes away at the age of 78 due to cardiac arrest. He was incarcerated for the rest of his life. Find out more about him.

Robert Durst was a fugitive after being a suspect in three heinous murders. Durst was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison in September for the deadly shooting of a confidante.

According to his attorney, Natural causes led to his death, linked to several medical issues, and the authorities were unconcerned about his health.

Killer: Robert Durst Death Cause And Obituary -How Did He Die? 

Robert Durst, the disgraced multimillionaire real estate heir, and the convicted killer have died. At the time of his death, he was 78 years old.

Mr. Lewis, Robert’s lawyer, revealed he went into cardiac arrest and could not be resuscitated.

Durst had been serving a life sentence for the murder of his longtime confidante Susan Berman at the California Health Care Facility.

Durst’s death was confirmed at the San Joaquin General Hospital, where he had been brought for testing.

His death was caused by natural causes linked to a slew of medical conditions, as per his lawyer.

Durst tested positive for Covid-19 shortly after his conviction for Berman’s murder in October and was sent to the hospital, where he was put on a ventilator.

Robert was having trouble breathing and talking, according to his attorney at the time.

He appeared unwell, fragile, and occasionally confused throughout the latest experiment, even before the diagnosis.

Who Is Robert Durst Wife? 

Robert Durst was first married to Kathleen McCormack in 1973. 

Robert was charged with second-degree murder in the long-unsolved disappearance of his wife.

Kathie Durst vanished after an altercation with her husband, and her body was never discovered.

He again got married to Debrah Lee Charatan in 2000.

Charatan, a 64-year-old real estate broker, was born and raised in New York City.

She is currently the co-owner of BCB Property Management with Bennat Berger, her son from a previous marriage.

Robert Durst Net Worth 2022 

Rоbеrt Durt has an estimated net worth of $75 million as of January 2022, as per the sources. He hаs mаdе thе mоst оf hеr fоrtunе with hеr саrееr bеing а rеаl еtаtе hеir.

He is known to be a New York City entrepreneur named Eymour Durt, and he is the elder brother of Dоuglа Durt, knоwn as the head of the Durt organization.

This celebrity’s yearly earnings are estimated to be $4 million.

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