Krowemoh Meaning In Latin: Homework Spelled Backwards Mean

Krowemoh Meaning In Latin: Homework Spelled Backwards Mean

‘Krowemoh’ is a word that is spelled backward from ‘Homework’ but it reportedly has a sinister meaning in Latin.

Some have claimed that Krowemoh means ‘child abuse’ in Latin. Likewise, social networking platforms are going crazy making assumptions about the word. Also, there are many users already making memes on it.

When social media is evolved in anything, the havoc it creates cannot be discarded. There are many theories and Chinese whispers going on. 

So, for the curiosity of our reader, here is the reality of the trending word ‘Krowemoh.

What Does ‘Krowemoh’ Mean In Latin?

Krowemoh is not a Latin word.

The claims that Krowemoh translates to “child abuse” in Latin are nothing more than silly rumors.

There is no letter ‘W’ in Latin word and the language contains only 23 alphabets.

The exact translation for child abuse in Latin is ‘puer abusus’. This clearly shows that the claims made by people were all false.

Is Krowemoh A Word In English?

No, Krowemoh is not an English word either.

It is homework spelled backward and does not even qualify to be a palindrome word.

However, the Urban Dictionary has recently added the word ‘Krowemoh’ to be a word that is spelled backward to homework. This was done to show that giving loads of homework to young children is also a form of child abuse.

‘Krowemoh’ started from Reddit and slowly moved to other social media platforms.

A Reddit user posted his Google result’s screenshot showing homework when spelled backward means child abuse in Latin.

Omg from r/im14andthisisdeep

However, the screenshot had the date March 17, 2013. This itself shows the inaccuracy of the trend as the claim has already been debunked.

This was due to the triangulation that happened on the internet. When social media gets involved, Chinese whisper is prone to occur.

Therefore, there is no word called ‘Krowemoh’ and it is nothing but ‘Homework’ spelled backward without any meaning.

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