Kyle Carruth Lubbock Tx Shooter, Why is Justice For Chad Trending?

Kyle Carruth Lubbock Tx Shooter, Why is Justice For Chad Trending?

Kyle Carruth is a suspected murderer of Chad Read and people are demanding justice for the victim.

Lubbock city had seen a deadly shooting back on November 5th but the case is still pending to be solved.

Kyle Carruth, a convicted gunman who shot and killed 54-year-old Chad Read is not being charged to date, let alone be arrested.

The case is still on the surface even at the end of second week and now, people are furious with the state police and the higher officials as they are demanding justice for the old victim Chad Read.

We are here to look back at what happened and the possible reasons for this case being taken lightly.

Justice for Chad is trending on Twitter. Now, to understand why #justiceforchad is trending, we should know the history of the case.

Chad Read was a 54-year-old man who went on to become a victim of gunshot after having a verbal altercation with another man i.e. Kyle Carruth. The shooting was seen near the 90th Street and Ave. P on Friday.

But even at the end of the second week, nothing has been done to the suspected killer Kyle. Although the investigation is being done by the Metropolitan Special Crime Unit, they have protected the name of the gunman to date and have not made the report public.

With the delay on the case, people are using their power on social media with creating a new trend for the right cause to pressurize the officials.

The netizens believe Kyle to be a gunman and has demanded the officials to arrest him.

Kyle Carruth Lubbock Texas Shooter Wikipedia

Kyle Carruth is a professional land man from Lubbock, Texas.

Attained his education from the Texas Tech University, he was a founder and co-owner of Flatland Cattle Company and K&K Enterprises prior to his service as a landman.

Carruth serves as a principal of Vitruvian Development as well as Carruth Energy.

The established entrepreneur was involved in a shooting that took life of an old man Chad Read.

He had addressed about his views on Firearms-related programs in Lubbock back in 2015. You can read his views here.

Who Is Kyle Carruth Wife?

Kyle Carruth is married to Judge Ann-Marie Carruth.

She had history of not paying tax to the government as IRS had stated that the couples owe $69,640.43. Apart from that, they were due 2016 property taxes as well.

The native-west Texan Ann-Marie grew up in Lamesa and moved to Houston in 2009 with her husband to pursue their professional career.

Texas Tech University School of Law graduate Ann-Marie got her license in 2007 and has been practicing law since then.

The proud mother of Thatcher Carruth, Ann-Marie was a daughter of Judge Sam Saleh.   

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