Lauren Midgley

Lauren Midgley

Lauren Midgley is a famous YouTuber and lifestyle blogger. She is known for posting videos about home, decor, lifestyle, and motherhood. In addition to that, the social media influencer also enjoys sharing cleaning and organization videos, beauty tips, and tutorials. 

Like many influencers today, Lauren loves documenting her life and share it with online users. Due to the great relatability factor, she has attracted tremendous supporters. 

No wonder, her YouTube channel has garnered 80.6k subscribers as of today. Most of her content generally acquires thousands of views from all across. 

Quick Facts:

Name Lauren Midgley
Birthday 1994
Age 26
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Married/Single Married
Husband James
Children William, Bennett
Instagram @lauren.midgley
Youtube Lauren Midgley

10 Facts On Lauren Midgley

  1. According to Socialix, Lauren Midgley is 26 years of age. It means that she was born in the year 1994. As of now, her exact date of birth is yet to emerge. 
  2. Although Lauren Midgley has become a household name following her success as a YouTuber, she is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. 
  3. Moving on to her physical attributes, Lauren Midgley’s details relating to height, weight, and body measurements haven’t surfaced as yet. Despite this, she does appear to have a height measuring 5 feet 7 inches, approximately. 
  4. Lauren’s YouTube channel fundamentally is a blog. There isn’t a specific content that she follows. Customarily, she shares videos on lifestyle, motherhood, cleaning, home decor, shopping hauls, and many more. 
  5. Lauren Midgley is married to her husband, James. As a partner, he’s been a great support to her. However, the content creator does not post much about him online. 
  6. Together, they have been blessed with two children: William and Bennett. Her younger child Bennett was a premature baby who was exactly born 12 weeks earlier than the actual due date. 
  7. Talking about Lauren’s finances, no sources have yet revealed her true net worth. However, as a famous YouTuber and content creator, her income cannot be undermined. 
  8. Her popularity as a YouTuber has led Lauren Midgley to acquire tremendous supporters on her other social media platforms too. Currently, she boasts 31.6k followers on her Instagram
  9. Lauren is present on Twitter too, however, she has kept her account deactivated for now. 
  10. At present, we have no information about her early life and educational background to share with our readers.

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