Are Laurence Fox And Kathy Gyngell Engaged? Details To Know About Their Relationship

Are Laurence Fox And Kathy Gyngell Engaged? Details To Know About Their Relationship

Laurence Fox is engaged to Kathy Gyngell with whom he shares an age gap of almost 30 years. 

Laurence Fox is an English actor and Political Activist.

The May-born actor played the lead role as DS James Hathaway in the TV series Inspector Lewis as per IMDb. And now, he has been fighting politically to defend the people and their rights.

Most recently, the politician turned the heads of the public to him after announcing his engagement with a renowned writer. 

Is Laurence Fox Engaged To Kathy Gyngell? Details On His Fiance

Yes, Laurence Foz is engaged to author Kathy Gyngell, 71.

Fox made a confirmation to it in his social media tweeting his pleasure to announce his engagement and thus introduced his fiance to the world. And, he shared a picture of them kissing.

Laurence Fox’s fiance Kathy Gyngell is an established author. She is also the mother of two mature sons, Adam and Jamie whom she had from her marriage before.

Furthermore, she is Late Bruce Gyngells’ widowed wife whom she married in 1986 as per the wiki. Well, Kathy’s deceased husband was well known as the boss of Channel 4 and Nine TV network’s head.

Well, Laurence’s fiance has surnamed Rowan before officially tying the knot with her deceased Officer of the Order of Australia (A.O.) recipient husband.

Laurence Fox Age & Wiki 

Laurence Fox is aged 43 years old as of 2021 and his fiancee is 71 years old.

He got engaged to someone who is 28 years older than him but as per the old saying, love has no age. They look cute and happily in love.

As per Laurence Fox’s Wikipedia, he was previously married to actress Billi Piper and has two young sons with her.

Is Laurence Fox On Twitter?

Indeed, Laurence Fox is present on Twitter and used the same medium to declare him being engaged.

Even Fox’s fiance Kathy shared his Twitter posts and slightly expressed her dissatisfaction of being proposed by without getting on one knee. She even hinted that the absence of such knee gestures while proposing is the wrongness of modern man.