LeMisha Grinstead Husband: Is The Member Of 702 Group Member Homeless?

LeMisha Grinstead Husband: Is The Member Of 702 Group Member Homeless?

LeMisha Grinstead is a professional singer married to her husband, Tony. Where is she now? Here is what we know. 

Singer LeMisha Grinstead is widely known as a member of the 702 Girl Group. 

Further, her songs are slanted towards the R&B genre. 

Through her exceptional and excellent singing ability, LeMisha has amassed many people as her fans, followers, and well-wishers. 

Presently, LeMisha is in the spotlight as she is back on the screen after taking a break from work due to all that happened with her family life.

LeMisha Grinstead Husband: Is The Member Of 702 Group Homeless? 

LeMisha Grinstead is married to her husband is Tony Fields. 

No extra details on her husband have been made available online for the public’s insight. 

In addition, LeMisha also shares two kids: a son and a daughter with her husband. 

However, as the news reported back in 2020, she was kicked out of the house by her son and husband, making her homeless. 

LeMisha also stated that she was at her lowest when the father-son duo sent her out of the house forcibly through a status. 

Now that LeMisha is back to her work, she must have gathered all the courage to stand strong and shouldn’t be homeless. 

LeMisha Grinstead Age And Wiki

LeMisha Grinstead’s age is 43 years old. 

She was born on June 10, 1978, in Houston, Texas, USA. 

LeMisha has been associated with the 702 Group since 1993 and has released more than thirty songs since then. 

Besides, you can also listen to her songs through YouTube and Deezer. 

Also, the singer is accessible through Instagram as @mishathegemini. 

What Is LeMisha Grinstead Net Worth?  

LeMisha Grinstead has not made any official statement concerning her net worth. 

But, according to networthpost.org, she is worth $9 million as of 2021. 

And, having spent almost three decades as a singer, the approximate worth seems worthy enough. 

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