Leroy Burcroff Political Party And Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Mayor of Romulus

Leroy Burcroff Political Party And Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Mayor of Romulus

Romulus’s Mayor Leroy Burcroff does not have a Wikipedia bio. However, he is on the hype for using political party’s campaign funds for personal expenses.

Leroy Burcroff is a renowned American politician.

He is best known as the Mayor of Romulus, Michigan. Besides, he is also a volunteer and community leader.

Burcroff appeared on news headlines in July of 2021. His finances were under investigation for some time. Recently, it was found that he misused the campaign’s funds.

But Leroy has returned all the money to the campaign after the misunderstanding was sorted.

Leroy Burcroff Political Party: His Wikipedia Bio

Political personality Leroy Burcroff is not featured on Wikipedia.

However, his short biography is found on the Romulus government website. He attended Romulus high school and then graduated from a local college.

Burcroff was active in sports and leadership roles since childhood. He cherished his skills and served as the class president in high school.

During college, Leroy worked as an entry-level officer at Bearing Service. He also continued volunteering and held supervisory and leadership positions in the community. 

After serving the community for some years, Burcroff was nominated as the Mayor of Romulus, Michigan. However, there is no information about his political party.

Leroy Burcroff Age: How Old Is He?

Leroy Burcroff’s age is 57 years old.

He was born in 1964 to parents Dean and Shirley. His father was a Navy veteran, firefighter, and a local businessman. Likewise, his mother was a school teacher.

Further, Burcroff is an American citizen and a native to Romulus.

Leroy Burcroff Wife And Daughter

Jerilynn Kain is the high school sweetheart turned wife of a politician, Leroy Burcroff.

The couple has a beautiful family of five. They have two sons: Dean and Brad. Also, they are blessed with a daughter named Nancy.

Leroy Burcroff Salary: Did He Return The Campaign Money Used For Wedding? 

As per ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary of a Michigan Mayor is roughly $194K. Thus, the income of Leroy must be around that.

Burcroff’s financial history revealed that he used the campaign’s funds for personal expenses.

It included the membership fees that he paid for Belleville Yacht. As per Newsweek, he also used about $4500 for covering the costs of his daughter’s wedding.

Besides, it consists of the payments that he made to his children, brother, and son-in-law. As of now, he has returned the sum worth $20K back to the campaign.