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Kevin Fedjuschkin, also known as LeTsHe, is a professional gamer who has competed in the Fortnite World Cup held in New York. He started gaming from a young age and also does various streams on Twitch.

He is also a content creator on YouTube. As a gamer, he plays with Team Atlantis and has won various tournaments. Through his skills as a gamer, he has gained a large number of fans and followers.

Name Kevin Fedjuschkin
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 4 Feet 9 Inches approx
Nationality German
Ethnicity White
Profession Gamer
Instagram atl_letshe
Twitter ATL_LeTsHe
Youtube LeTsHe

10 Facts on LeTsHe

  1. As mentioned above, LeTsHe’s real name is Kevin Fedjuschkin. Born in Germany, he is currently 16 years old.
  2. He plays with Team Atlantis and the current members are Magin, Kejser, Kaxie, MarkusC, and Harmii. 
  3. Before he was with Team Atlantis, he used to play up to 7 hours a day and did live streams for long amounts of time. He started gaming since he was three and later decided to do it professionally.
  4. His Twitch account “Letshe” has 921K followers so far. He does live streams pretty regularly on this channel. 
  5. As said on his Twitter bio, he was the finalist alongside Team Atlantis in the E-Tournament World Cup that was held in New York. 
  6. He started his YouTube account in August 2018 and has 375 followers so far. He has dedicated this channel to gaming as well and has uploaded more than a hundred videos. 
  7. LeTsHe joined Twitter in May 2018 and his account “ATL_LeTsHe” has 257K followers currently. 
  8. He has participated in tournaments such as Champion Trio Cash Cup, Platform Cash Cup, Fortnite Champion Series, Mongraal Cup, and many more. 
  9. Although LeTsHe doesn’t have his own merch, merch from Team Atlantis can be found on their website. They include hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, socks, backpacks, and many more varieties.
  10. He is also active on Instagram and has 314K followers. He has also listed his contacts and works on the bio. 

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