Lil Esco 28 Dead Or Alive? Everything You Need To Know About The Rapper

Lil Esco 28 Dead Or Alive? Everything You Need To Know About The Rapper

Young rapper Lil Esco 28 recently got shot 3 times and is reported to be in a hospital fighting for his life. Is Lil Esco 28 dead or alive? Continue below to find out. 

Gavin, professionally known as Lil Esco 28, is a young rapper famous for his songs like Corona, Boomin, and Bummer on Spotify. He has a higher fan following on his Instagram than all other social handles. 

Recently, a piece of news has been circulating referring to a shootout where Lil Esco was shot thrice. His fans and well-wishers are tensed are worried about his health.

Netizens are also questioning his best friend and rapper Rob the playboy about the tragic incident. 

Quick Facts:

Name Lil Esco 28
Age 15
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Married/Single Under Review
Instagram @lilesco28

Is Lil Esco 28 Dead Or Alive?

Despite the ongoing rumors surrounding his death, authorities are yet to announce whether Lil Esco 28 is dead or alive.

However, it is said that he is in a serious condition in a hospital. 

People think that it might be difficult for a 15-year-old to survive after getting shot 3 times brutally. And, the chances of him being alive are relatively less, even though nothing has been confirmed yet. 

Official news is on the wait and the rapper’s fans are waiting for something positive. 

Lil Esco 28 Robbed – What Happened Exactly?

It is said that Lil Esco 28 was shot at a robbery scene. However, official information is yet to come. 

Many sources have been providing news on the incident, but nothing can be said with accuracy for now.

It is true that the young rapper is shot and is in a serious condition, according to his friend Rob the Playboy.

Rob was seen crying and praying for Lil Esco, whom he considers his brother, to be fine. It indicates the brutal situation of Lil Esco’s health condition. 

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