Who Is Lilliana Pearman? Meet Raven Symone’s Daughter On Instagram

Who Is Lilliana Pearman? Meet Raven Symone’s Daughter On Instagram

The actress Raven Symone revealed about wanting to have four kids with her wife Miranda, but what about her rumoured daughter Lilliana Pearman?

Lilliana Pearman is best known as the rumoured daughter of the popular American actress Raven Symone.

Raven is a well-renowned actress, singer and songwriter who rose to fame as a child actor back in the day.

In fact, she was also included by VH1 on their list of ‘100 Greatest Child Actors Of All Time’ which clearly shows her likeability as a child actor.

However, she has not been able to live up to the mark as a professional actress.

Regardless of the lack of her recent projects, Symone never fails to make it into the headlines and public discussion though.

One of the biggest headlines that she has been in is about having a daughter named Lilliana Pearman. So, who is she?

Who Is Lilliana Pearman? Raven Symone Daughter

Lilliana Pearman is the believed daughter of Raven Symone that she is reported to have had around a decade ago.

HuffPost contains a report that mentions that Raven had a daughter named Lilliana when she was 23 years old.

It further speculates the baby’s father to be the actress’ gay friend Jussie Smollet.

However, Symone clearly denied the talks of her having a baby and has not revealed any information to this date.

Even to this date, it still remains a mystery and a topic of discussion between two groups who either oppose or support raven having a daughter.

How Old Is Lilliana Pearman?

Considering the actress Raven Symone has a daughter, Lilliana Pearman’s age would be around 12 years old.

Lilliana was reported to have been born in early 2009 and with that, she would be around the age of 12.

Nevertheless, Symone has never accepted the rumours of her having a daughter and has not uploaded anything about her either.

Hence, due to the lack of any follow-up reports, Lilliana’s exact birth date and age are not confirmed.

Does Lilliana Pearman Have A Boyfriend? Instagram Details

Lilliana Pearman being in her early teens might not have a boyfriend at the moment.

At the age of 12, it is pretty uncommon for anyone to have a specific love partner and thus it is thought that the believed daughter of Raven doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Even so, nothing is specific or confirmed so we can only estimate or predict the current situation.

Likewise, Lilliana cannot be found on Instagram either.

In fact, no Instagram account with the name Lilliana Pearman exists on the platform as of today.

What Is Lilliana Pearman Net Worth?

As she is still a child, Lilliana Pearman’s net worth details are yet to be valued.

On the other hand, her supposed mother Raven Synome is reported to have an incredible net worth of $40 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.