Linda Evangelista Coolsculpting Failed: Model Filed Lawsuit After She Is Left Disfigured & Unrecognizable

Linda Evangelista Coolsculpting Failed: Model Filed Lawsuit After She Is Left Disfigured & Unrecognizable

Linda Evangelista’s cool sculpting has failed horribly making her unrecognizable after the cosmetic surgery.

Linda Evangelista is a supermodel from the 1990s in Canada. She is known as one of the most influential and accomplished models of all time with her appearance in over 700 magazine cover pages. 

Her modeling career started in 1984 after she moved to New York City from her native country Canada. She signed to Elite Model Management when she arrived in New York City. 

Linda’s short haircut which is said to have boosted her career was nicknamed ‘The Linda’ was a total hit and sold thousands of copies worldwide. 

Let us learn more about Linda Evangelista and take a closer look at her failed cool sculpting and her photographs in 2021. 

Linda Evangelista Coolsculpting Failed: Photos 2021 Revealed

Model Linda Evangelista’s cool sculpting has failed horribly and rendered her unrecognizable according to Hollywood Reporter

After her unsuccessful attempt at losing weight and fat cells with the procedures, she has developed a condition known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PHA), a side effect of the fat freezing procedure. 

To correct the error, she has already gone through two corrective surgeries. But all the pains she felt during the corrective surgeries have gone to vain as there is no visible improvement. 

In an Instagram post she shared recently, she has explained her condition. She claims she has been broken emotionally as well. 

Linda Evangelista has not revealed any of her recent pictures or photos on the web yet, she could be finding it hard to reveal her deformed body among her fans and followers. She has also not posted any recent photographs on her Instagram account as well. 

Some of the sources have obtained her recent pictures, Linda has gained a lot of weight and her face seems to be buffed in her 2021 pictures. 

Linda Evangelista: Before And After Coolsculpting

Linda Evangelista was a beautiful supermodel with an attractive body before her Coolsculpting. 

She was well known and top demanded model back in her golden days in the 1990s. 

However, lately after Coolsculpting in an attempt to reduce fat cells from her body, she has been deformed and her iconic look and body figure lost according to Perth Now. 

Although the photographs of Linda have not made many appearances on the web after her surgery, she must be horrified with the result of the cosmetic procedure which went south. 

Linda aged 56 as of September 2021, still looks very young than her actual age and is very beautiful. 

Meet Linda Evangelista On Instagram

We can find Linda Evangelista’s Instagram account with her username @lindaevangelista

She has over 908k followers on her Instagram and has made 484 posts to her followers as of now. 

Most of her posts include pictures of herself and her work. 

However, she has not posted any of her pictures recently and has been keeping her picture-sharing platform active by posting pictures from the past.